Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I flashed the maintenance man.

here's how it went.

"la la la"

*knock knock*
"maintenance! anyone home?"

"la la la"

guess not....


"huh? what was that?"

*insert door slam*

"sorry ma'am."

okay.. so this may have been a BIT exaggerated. but it's funner to tell this way. but no, for real... he DID see my boobs (and maybe more) ... i guess i shouldn't shower with the bathroom door open. In his defense, i DID receive a notice on my door last week that they would be doing routine inspections today from 8am-5pm. but like... how was i to know they'd be showing up RIGHT during my shower!? The even MORE awkward part was he had to come in after i was dressed because he still had to do the maintenance check. poop.

the end.

ps. he DID look like that guy. *shivers*

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quick Update...

Just wanted everyone to know that.....the insurance company has been FIGHTING coverage of Lucas' labor and delivery as well as his stay at primary children's when he was sick. Welp... after, what, ever since Feb. 9th....multiple calls and research... i FINALLY got them to cover it!!!! TURDS. I WON. take that LOSERS!!!! i hate insurance companies... sorry dad. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Trying to make lemonade.

This last week was FULL of stressful days. I guess since all my moves have been within utah i've always thought moving wasn't THAT bad. Jeez was i ever wrong.... and yes.. you are ALL right.. moving with a baby is, well.....HELL. Lucky for me, i have a GREAT baby boy who loves routine and didn't lose too much sleep from all the moving... just attention and maybe a couple of meals. HAH. so here's my list of stresses from last week.

1. no key to our place.

we didn't have a key for a full week!!!! really school? really? come on. work it out. I'd go into it more but it is just going to annoy me all over again.

2. lockout.

yes, while taking out a desk to the dumpster... genius me decided to close the door because i didn't feel safe leaving it open while we walked a few yards from our place. so i closed it. and ended up locked out of our apartment at 10pm with no key and a sleeping baby inside. Am i retarded? probably. Anyway... we used a neighbor's phone to call the emergency maintenance hotline but they said, "we don't do lock outs." REALLY!?!?! even if there is a BABY inside? wow. THAT'S annoying. so we called the park police (cuz we live in a park) who called the fire department who roared their sirens and flashed their lights all the way up our street to our door. As if THAT wasn't embarrassing enough... they used an AXE to open our door for us.... shredding the lock on the door frame. nice. They were really nice though and we laughed about how dramatic it all was for a stupid lockout. Then the emergency maintenance guy showed up because the police called him. He's a really nice guy but he was PISSED to see the damage knowing it could have been prevented if the stupid hotline lady had just given him the message about it all. good. she's getting in trouble. RETARD.

3. city life.

so yeah... i've never lived in a city before... the drivers here are like 10 times worse than utah.... and i thought THEY were bad. wow. i was SOOOOO wrong. We were going up this steep hill and some guy was riding our rear so close i couldn't see the front of his car.... he kept honking for us to go faster but because our little car has a small engine.. it was just sputtering up it. Once the hill was over... the guy passed us and flipped enos off. thanks sir. We got our official city welcome. on the plus side... i've seen some of the most CRAZY looking people!!! i'm gonna have to make sure i ALWAYS have my camera with me so i can snap some shots of these intriguing weirdos. i love it!!!! Jessica you would go NUTS!!

4. unpacking.

ugh. i'm sure you all know how undesireable this task is... i needn't say any more.

5. dental school husband.

enos has been so preoccupied with fears of dental school and what it's gonna be like when it starts (it started today by the way)... that he has been kinda within himself leaving me to feel these stresses alone. poor guy. say prayers for him... ya know... if you're a praying type. :) he DOES seem to be doing better now though...

6. i think i'll end on six because it's kind of a creepy number. and i like creepy.

and now... to end on the positive.....

THESE things have made the move easier to handle..... *sigh*

the view from our apt. it's MOSTLY good. right? hah

i took this picture of the trail by our place after walking up a GIANT hill.. i was so sweaty and gasping for air... it was lovely... really. my breathing... in addition to this view.

this is the left view from our beach 5 minutes from our apt.... really? NO SAND tara? i think not. :)

and THIS... is the view from the right. WOW.
Awesome... just don't try to go IN the water. Your feet with get brain freeze.
and this is the view from the back seat in the car. even MORE awesome. :)

and this is a picture of me. What can i say? i felt hot. HAHAH

the end.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Just wanted to let all of you know that we arrived here safely. We're alive but have had the most eventful week probably of our MARRIAGE. wow. stresses all around. I'll blog about them once we get settled. eek. so many. these are gonna be some good drama stories!!!! :) later family, friends and lovers. hah