Sunday, November 23, 2008

Belly Update..

so yeah... i've been HIGHLY regretting doing this because i feel so fat but because people have been pestering me about it... here is the update... and no, i'm not wearing the brown shirt anymore because it doesn't fit over my belly and the LAST thing i was gonna do was have it hanging out. And i cut my hair because it was driving me looks better normally than in this picture... but i had just woken up from a nap. i know, i know... excuses excuses...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I don't care what they say..... I love my cat.

I know what you are thinking... but here's my opinion....if you get one when they are little.. you can't help but fall in love with them. Geoffrey sleeps cute ALL the time but i'm always getting caught trying to photograph him and he wakes up and looks angry... but THIS time... i was able to capture it. Gosh he's precious.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Laid off during the holidays.......AGAIN.

welp.. it's that time of year... the one where we celebrate each other, life, blahdy blahdy blah. And let's not forget... the time of year when i USUALLY get laid off. that's right people... for now TWO years in a row i've been let go and the year before this started i quit a company. Maybe it's my punishment. HA. You think i'd be really sad, and i am but right now i'm just in shock. My body isn't reacting, i tried to cry and it didn't work so i'm just gonna let it come when it comes. Hopefully i won't be in a public place when i break down and start crying because "i have no friends anymore." Enos knows what i'm talking about. I do have to say something about each time i've been laid off... i get better and BETTER friends each time. The friends i left at Sensory Sweep are the coolest, funnest people i've ever had at work. I WILL miss them... they are so freakin' wonderful.
The lame thing about how it all happened was that they called like twelve of us into a room and the boss says, "welp, we've gotta let more people go.... blah blah blah (message of false hope) blah blah" and then they have someone escort you to your desk, you can only grab your coat and bag and then you leave everything else because heaven forbid you say good bye to your friends while you're packing up? i don't get it. whatever... i'm gonna leave notes for all of my friends tonight when i go pick up my stuff (after 8pm because THAT'S when i'm aloud... STUPID). They even watch you get into your car and drive away... "just to make sure" What the hell is that? Make sure of what? that the only people staying there through THREE that's right THREE missed paychecks (that's a month and a half people).... aren't going to freak out and go postal in the parking lot? what a LOAD. so yeah... i'm kinda glad they let me go because i've been sitting on how i feel for EVER now... and i hate going to work, feeling the tension, being bored with barely anything to do, promised the world and getting sh-t. HOW RIDICULOUS. I've never had more animosity towards a company. They deserve whatever happens to them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bet Witches

Soooo... have you ever watched Ace of Cakes and thought, "man, i could never do that" well... yes... that's probably true but perhaps you'd do better than the disaster cakes on THIS website... among the creepiest are the baby cake found in the July archive about half way down the page... and the sculpted bride cake... also intensely creepy. take a look... you'll get sucked in and want to look at all of them finding all sorts of grammar errors and food attrocities and things that just SHOULDN'T be made into cakes....

Risky Business.

sooooo... i'm risking the possibility of someone from my work finding this post and getting me in trouble to tell you all that i'm really depressed about my work situation. I WISH i could talk more about it but, like i said, things are really shaky. Just know that THIS is the reason i'm not posting... because everything i'd say would be depressing. okay... that's it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

A list of poo for you

1. I ate this delicious roasted red pepper sandwich today for lunch but i STILL smell like vinegar... it's irritating because i can't escape it.

2. I WOULD take pictures of my belly tonight except Enos is out of town and i need someone to TAKE the picture... i'll try on Sunday when he gets back.

3. I'm sick of political fighting and discussing. Let's move on.

4. Ever since i got pregnant i've been waiting for the day when my counter would say a two digit number.... and now it does!!! yay!!!

5. Yesterday at lunch my friend was driving behind someone going 5 under the speed limit on the freeway... My friend got irritated and flashed the speed limit to the guy as we passed him from another lane. Apparently, this really pissed the other guy off.... so he followed us and during a stop light walked up to our car and said, "what's your problem!" my friend said, "you were going 60 in a 65 man!" Then the guy asked him to roll down his window... and my friend jsut says, "get back in your car!!!" it was scary. I was feeling all pregnant and vulnerable in the front passenger seat. WHO DOES THAT?

6. I ate half a bag of craisins yesterday not knowing that each serving (i ate FOUR servings) has 130 calories. Depressing.

7. I don't really have anything more to say but my list seems so short so i'll end on seven. Sorry my lists aren't as entertaining as Jessica's.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just a couple of Killer bees

So... you saw pictures of me at work with my costume on (yes jessica... three... it made me feel like i was posting more so i posted all of them. shut up).... BUT... you didn't see my adorable husband in HIS bee costume... he wanted to make sure that i tell you how he was sticking his belly out... plus... let's face it... that bumble bee costume is about as flattering as a potato sack....probably less actually. So yeah... he ISN'T 400lbs... he just looks it (his words, not mine). HA.

As for our activities that night... we went to my work for a really short Halloween get together and then we went back to enos' work because he had some experiments to finish up... Since he works with blood, it kinda fit perfect with the holiday... also... he works in a HAUNTED (word on the street) old hospital that has been converted into a research lab.... crEEP-Y..... so we were there until like 8:30ish i think... and NOBODY ELSE was around....ooooooooooo..... you could TOTALLY feel presences of spirits in certain hallways... and we didn't even go to the "scary" part of the hospital... anyways... it was fun... and then we went to Tara's place and hung out with Tara, Bill, the kids and Mica watching really stupid "scary" movies from the fifties... and stuffed ourselves silly with candy... i thought i was gonna die. Actually... i ate even MORE candy than i usually do (real healthy when you're pregnant i know...STUPID) .... oh well... Lucas seems to be fine... he was just extra hyper that night.