Saturday, January 16, 2010

Awkward Randomness

here are a few awkward gems i've taken of our family on my phone....

lucas lovvves him some CHILI!!

i bought this for lucas at Target because i had one when i was little.... it's now his FAVORITE toy... he pushes it from room to room. and SINCE it makes a little noise when it is pushed.. i can always tell exactly where he is. yay nostalgia!!

and lastly.... young padawan listens to his master.
(perhaps a sign of things to come? eek. get ready for Star Wars overload, mom.)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lost Lucas Loveliness


lucas' favorite song to dance to... don't let him fool you.. he was distracted by the camera... but you can catch him "dancing" right at the beginning of the video.

lucas' favorite time of life.


this is enos' Pooh Bear that he got when he was 3 years old. it still sits on his bedside table... oh my sensitive man. haha


... and the best for last.... the dance intermission. HAH (we're weird, i know)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Jelly Belly FUN.

Enos and i went to the Jelly Belly Factory with our lovely new friends Laura and Stuart. We also got to meet Laura's sassy brother Andrew and his ADORABLE girlfriend, Jenna. while the wait may have been worth it for only Jenna (1 HOUR... she was like a girl in a jelly bean shop...wait.) it was still fun to be among great company :) and lucas didn't mind the wait either. he was just happy to be out of the house.

andrew... thinkin' he's cool.... okay, maybe he is.

jenna.... sass-a FRASSIN' it up.

two baldies having a stare down. (pretty sure lucas won.. he never loses.)

cute jenna and laura...bein' awkward. she's a pro at it. HAH

forced family portrait.

don't jumping pictures make things look more fun than they are?
Enos refused to jump.. but he DID give a good pigeon dance impression.

my personal hairdresser.... he's the best.

a VERY late birthday...

welp.. with finals and me being out of town... we really didn't get around to celebrating my birthday... it was kinda lame on the actual day... but alas... good things come to those who wait. and after TWO WEEKS. my present was finally purchased. and what a LOVELY present it was... enos got me a table easel and a handful of MARVELOUS paint brushes to replace my crappy walmart set. FINALLY!!!!! no more loose hairs floating around in my paintings, no more crooked lines because my brush is weak... and NO more empty etsy store!!!! yay!!! i'm starting work on my paintings this next week and then i shall be selling them on etsy. :) so yeah... THERE you GO. happy birthday to ME.

On the 1st day of christmas my true love gave to me.... sassy kevin...

....make that NINTEEN sassy kevins...

...a baby boy with a snarl....

...invasion of space...

...crowded auntie love...

...crowded COUSIN love...

...two crazy parents...

... santa claus coming to see US (that's how important we are)...

...a happy ride back home...

...stupid blogger posting a sleeping baby sideways so you have to turn your head...
(go on.. i know you're doing it)

Hope everyone had a good christmas!!!!