Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Feeling Stressed...

So i woke up in the middle of the night last night (as i usually do) for an hour and tried to fall asleep in spite of the snoring man next to me and the loud running kitty in the hallway.... I just laid there and thought about when Lucas would get here.... i counted quickly how much time i had left with peace and quiet.... FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS! wow... that's like NOTHING. I realized that i'm scared to death of all this change.... i don't really think about being a good mother or anything like that... i mostly think of selfish things like... wow... we won't be able to just sit on the couch in silence like this and watch shows all cuddled up..... or i'm gonna have to take care of someone inbetween working at my desk at work....or how the crap am i ever gonna get to draw when IIII wanna draw with this baby always around me....and then breast feeding.... SHEESH... that's like this whole other thing i really don't wanna do... i mean, i'm gonna but i really don't like the dependence of a child on my body. That's annoying. So yeah... i'm selfish... but then i think about all the sweet things and it makes it a little easier... not really... but kinda. Luckily i finally fell asleep after the hour and was able to sleep for a good 3 hours before i had to get up again and go pee. What a life.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why MY friends are the best, EVER.

Okay so Thursday night i came home and Enos was watching tv with a package on the ottoman in front of him... in my pregnant mind i was thinking... crap... did i order something for Lucas and forget about it? Enos is going to be so pissed. He looked at me and said, "so... this came in the mail today... did you order more clothes for Lucas?" I read the package label and not recognizing the name thought, "ewww...i hope i didn't..." (i promised Enos i wouldn't go overboard since money is tight)... When i opened it there was a card on top with a picture of this monster i had drawn and i note from my friend Sheriece.

How sweet! So i tear open the tissue paper and THIS guy pops out. I think i'll name him Chad until Lucas is here and comes up with his REAL name.

He's cozy and monstery and i love him and i know Lucas will love to snuggle with him because i do. Since we have a monster theme it's PERFECT. Sheriece found someone on Etsy to handmake a monster based on the one i drew. Thanks so much Sheriece!!! I love him to death, he's so creepy. :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baby Clothes Fix

After going to Target and being REALLY disappointed by the new born clothes we found... we are gonna take everything we got, BACK. You all made comments on where to find cute clothes and so we took one of your advice and went to Old Navy... i NEVER go there because i never find anything for myself BUT... i was so pleasantly surprised to find the most riDICULOUSLY cute little baby clothes...even for a new born... wow... what a handsome lad we're gonna have. Here are the things we bought. We saw TONS more that we liked but we had a budget and so we only bought these items...but wow... everything was 40% off! It was a good experience because Enos even uttered the words, "OH MY PRECIOUS." Honestly... that's how i know when something is too cute. So... thanks for all of your advice... and YES i realize that once he gets older or i have more kids i'll care less about their clothes... but until i stop caring... might as well enjoy it.

i love these shoes because they are something III would wear.

okay.. i can't get across how cute these are... honestly... they are so fricken small you just wanna giggle when you see them.

that is all.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

What an UNinteresting day... Enos and I were bored beyond beLIEF. It's now 9:30pm and we've done... well... NOTHING.....we didn't go to church because we didn't know where our stake building was (even after looking online, we had stake conference and apparently our ward doesn't exist) and i was feeling a bit queezy.... we topped the day off by going to the grocery store because i was craving milk and we only had soy milk. When we came back... i'm not sure how it all started but we ended up swaddling (well enos did) Geoffrey and then all cuddling on the bed and laughing at how ridiculous he looked, cozy he was and how degrading it must have been for him. So naturally... we took pictures.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quirks update... the LIE

okay... so everyone pretty much guessed it. it's number 6. I actually CAN stand the sight of my own blood. i like to watch my blood get taken and once i even watched a mole on my stomach get removed... it was so fascinating... i know i know... i'm weird. what can i say... i'm a george girl.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Peanut..... has nuts. :)

It's official. It's a BOY... which blows my mind because i was SO SURE it was a girl... but i should know from past experiences that whenever I guess ANYTHING i'm always wrong... and enos... (growl) is ALWAYS RIGHT. But he's also really slow so at least i have THAT over him.
I'm sooooo sorry for those of you who didn't get a call and so had to WAIT until i posted.... i posted as soon as i got home from looking around at Target for something cute for the baby and then eating .... (and took a nap for two hours because i was SO TIRED). So the visit went really good. we found out that it was a boy BEFORE we saw the doctor so we had lots of time to enjoy our little secret between the two of us and just be excited... When we got the sonogram the person was like... "yep... there's his penis.... aaaaand there's his hand." (he was touching himself) Enos thought this was like the funniest thing ever and was like... "can you get a picture of that?" sadly... he'd moved it by that time. Oh peanut. Which brings us to his name. We are also taking this time to announce his official name.....He will go by Lucas Edward Heinzen. He will not be called Luke (except by a small group of sweet cousins) but Lucas. There's no real significance to the name... we just liked both Lucas and Edward and they flow pretty well together so we used them. However, i DID start liking Lucas when i saw the movie Empire Records... he was my favorite. And Edward... well... I'm a fan of Edward Scissorhands.... but these aren't the only reasons we chose them.... kind of. ANYWAY... i'm rambling now. Enjoy the ever-so-clear sonogram pictures (not really).
This view is as if you were looking from under him with his bum closest to you.

His sweet little face :)

The boy discovering his man bits.

Okay... why do OLDER babies get all the cute clothes? Why are new borns FORCED to wear pastels? stupid clothes people. I'm gonna look online for really cool NON-pastel baby clothes... and i wouldn't usually get shirts with sayings on them but this one said peanut on it... how could i resist? The onesies are cuter than this picture gives them credit... they have aligators on them and lions....nothing special but i just had to get something :) PS.. i hate puppies and sports on baby clothes... so irritating.

let's talk about my quirks... before i find out about the baby today...

i'm bored so i'm gonna do this quirk thing from Jessica's blog.... here are my ten. I think i'll play the game of making one of them false like she did just for fun. Try to find the FALSE one. :)

1. I hate gum.
2. I kiss my kitty cat on the lips.
3. I spill almost everything i pour.
4. I fart all the time.
5. I'm a hypochondriac.
6. I can't stand the site of my own blood.
7. I like the smell of skunks.
8. I hate when people don't drive in the middle of their lane.
9. I could eat bread for the rest of my life and be happy.
10. The number one way to make me dislike you is to stand too close to me.

Monday, September 8, 2008

It won't be long....

...til we find out if Peanut is a boy or girl..... wednesday at 3:00pm.... i'm so excited. Okay... i return you to your regularly scheduled work day.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Very Politicat

Geoffrey likes to research the candidates before he votes... although i tell him he needs to do more than rely on the media.... but he doesn't listen to me.