Tuesday, March 29, 2011


...i love my babies. that's all. :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Check out my header... Y'ALL.

what what. that's right.. it's a GIRL. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

hmm.. interesting and HOT.

ever since louie's new haircut i've been notice a resemblance between him.. and this guy.

hmmm.. interesting.. and hot. my son is gonna rock some lady socks.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lucas Pucas turns Two.

so i am a bad mom for not posting about lucas' birthday earlier but hey.. at least i'm doing it at all, right? whatever. k... so for lucas' birthday we went to stockton and had BOTH, that's right... BOTH sets of grandparents there. i didn't document them together because well.. they are just too awesome for my dumb camera to handle... either that or i forgot. i can't remember.

but i didn't forget to document his cake that i so lovingly made and only lasted for four seconds at home before we wrapped it up and it got smashed to un-recognizability by the time we drove to stockton. BLAH. oh well. lucas doesn't like cake anyway. he barely touched it. though i couldn't seem to keep my paws OFF of it. mmmm...

grandma and grandpa heinzen read the toot's mind and got him.. SURPRISE! a car.

but not just any car... OUR car. hehe he loves it.

then on the actual day of his birth we were able to go to Pier 39 and have fun. tripping, biff it on the sidewalk and then conk out in the car kinda fun.

we also went to alcatraz that week. lucas' favorite part was the snacks.

oh.. and the maw maw. mmm.. maw maw is delicious.

and then lucas pulled off something i didn't know a brand newly two year old could do..

he built a train track all by himself. I'm so proud *tear*

and took a picture of his mama. all by himself. i'm sure i'll be using that phrase a lot in the near future. Aww. i love you louie.

All Dressed Up

so i felt happy in my crazy place today... this outfit feels very at home on my body.

mexi-moo moo: thrifted (from my lovely hussy sister, note the peacock)
leggings: old navy
rain boots: target
cardigan: target

what's all dressed up? go HERE and find out.