Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Mysterious Mashed Potatoes...

So just now as i was eating my lunch (not really a FULL lunch... just some left over mashed potatoes and green beans that were delicious last night).....i was eating them and enjoying the flavor when i bit down in my mashed potatoes and something hard hit my teeth. I was SO grossed out... PLEASE don't be a fingernail, PLEASE don't be a fingernail....well i took it out and it wasn't a fingernail... but what i found was more astonishing and a little scary.... it was... a STAPLE. a staple? really? how the hell?........... no for real... a STAPLE? It was like God was answering my prayer that it wouldn't be a fingernail but couldn't think of something that would make more sense.... he just flipped through his book of things that could be the hardness that i experienced but ran out of time and said, "uhhh OKAY STAPLE!".... .......or maybe enos did it. he DID show me how he'd put the left overs in a container for my lunch today... suspicious....hmm.... i don't get it. Anyway... i couldn't continue eating my meal... it's not really gross... it's just so weird and random that i don't want anything to do with those stupid mashed potatoes. I mean, i MADE them... i wasn't seasoning with staples.... and i have to admit it's slightly embarrassing to tell people about this... i don't know if it's just me but i always get a little insecure when i find something in my food... like it's my fault no matter the circumstances.... i don't know why i do that. anyway... gross. i'll eat no more.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dry Heaving....

Okay so i've told you guys that since i've been pregnant i've only thrown up once... and this is true but there's that OTHER thing that happens when you DON'T have food in your stomach.... dry heaving... i have officially decided that this is the worst possible thing to happen to you other than loosing a body part (i know from experience, HA). Then today something worse happened... i began dry heaving while i was aLONE in my apartment..... here's how it went down (and usually does)..... i'll be brushing my teeth and trying to concentrate on how clean my teeth are getting instead of the overwhelming desire to gag i'm feeling... i usually try closing my eyes so i don't have to look at anything that might trigger the gag.... but it never fails that i get bored having my eyes shut (3 minutes is a long time!)...and open them and see something that my mind converts into something disgusting.... like a piece of hair or a fleck of makeup that i decide must be something else because my brain WANTS to gag... i hate it... it's so hard to fight. So after finding a piece of Geoffrey fur on the counter the gagging started which led to me thinking about how greasy geoffrey was during his "cone head" experience and then.... the dry heaving.... usually the only thing that gets me to stop is Enos' talking to me while i sit on the floor with my hands over my head.... but he was gone and so i continued to dry heave until i was able to take enough forced deep breathes to make it all stop. JEEZ... it was awful. Then Geoffrey, who had obviously heard all of the monster-like noises coming from the bathroom, slowly walked in with his ears back with this look on his face like, "uhhh... is everything okay in here?" I felt mildly pathetic about all of it. *sigh*.... oh well.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Enos and Lindsay present..... Peanut.

i know that there are basically only two pictures here repeated but i don't care... i'm posting them all because peanut told me to. he/she's kinda bossy. :) oh... ps... these pictures are pretty much life size (i sized them that way.)

My interpretation of my baby's movements :)

here's my little peanut.

My baby's bringin' sexy back.....

So we went to the doctor for the first day today to hear our baby's heart beat. Thankfully there was only one in there... (last night i had a dream i had two babies... it made me cry in the dream). Anywho... my sneaky uterus was all tilted back and they couldn't hear a heartbeat but the doctor said... don't panic just yet... we'll probably just need to send you downstairs to the sonogram room. Thank you sneaky uterus... because of you we got to see our baby at only 9 1/2 weeks. and my my isn't that ONE sexy baby. I say that because when the technician stuck the sonogram thingy in... we saw the baby moving it's little arms and legs like he/she was dancing... it was really funny and cute. We didn't cry but we did get all excited and start laughing about how cool our baby was. Oh and it DOES have a heart beat so everything's okay. :) Rock it, baby.... rock it. i'll post the pictures when i get home... i'm at work now.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Yay for my baby!!!

So... i'm super excited because while i've spent almost my whole week over sleeping and gagging at ridiculous things (like the thought of my husband brushing his teeth) i feel a sense of accomplishment because my baby counter just moved!!! my baby doesn't look like a scary alien anymore... he only looks like a cartoon character with a gigantic head!!! yay!!! that's all...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My little Cone-Headed Kitty.

Sometimes in life something happens that makes you re-evaluate the way you've been living. I think Geoffrey had one of those moments this past week. After getting a bit of scabbiness around his ears from an allergy he just couldn't stop itching... we took him to the vet. This is what they did to him. If you've ever had a pet wear one of these you'll know that the level of depression caused from this device is substantial.... it was like we were living with a vegetable cat. Poor guy... the worst part is... it was so funny and Enos and i would just laugh and laugh but then feel really bad because he really WAS depressed.

there IS a happy ending to this sad little story.... we couldn't bare to leave him like this when we went to visit family in texas so we took off the cone head and just prayed that he wouldn't itch and bleed all over the place....and..... he didn't. My sister in law said he was fine when she went and checked on him. oh silly geoffrey....we love you too much.