Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i can SEE!!!

just a little update on the uglies. my eyes are almost 100% better now. so you can get that nasty vision of me out of your head. i'm HOT again.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sisterly Visit

Well... i'm finally back from my excursion across the country... and while i made a few unexpected visits to Chicago and New York, I finally made it there and back. and boy was it EVER a trip.... i got to meet some AMAZING friends of jessica's that i'll be stealing for my own. They all welcomed me like one of the crew during our little St. Patrick's Day party that Jessica planned. I helped.... a little. Isn't it fancy? i know.

i love me some summer sister.

lucas had a grand old time too.

...even if i was forcing him to during parts of it.

we even got to go to the beach and visit one of jessica's internet friends... that sounds creepy. But Kimmy was actually really cute and tiny so we could have totally takin' her if she put up a fight.
Gus thought she was hilARIOUS. i think he was just being nice.

And as usual, Izey escaped.
It was really fun to go and see all the children and jessica and make new friends. We even made an INFOMERCIAL while i was there. BRILLIANT. stay tuned for more humiliation to be posted at the Hussy's site.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My letter to American Airlines....

UPDATE: i retyped this letter really fast into blogger for this post.. the original post didn't have fifty typos... so i didn't look like a high school drop out to the Airlines!!!! my sister's blogger is retarded and doesn't accept copy and pasting text. what the crap!?!?!

Upon being asked about my customer service and how i felt about my american airlines experience on my recent flight i responded....

I would just like to make you aware of the TREMENDOUS difficulty i had during my flight. I had a number of problems.

I was delayed two hours which was due to weather and i understand that you can't control that. I was not upset. HOWEVER, after we sat on the plane for the THIRD hour... we were told it was still because of weather when CLEARLY we were waiting for pilots from cancelled flights to NYC to board our plane... They came on our plane and then suddenly the weather "cleared up". I DON'T APPRECIATE BEING LIED TO.

After teh flight, my baby (who sat on my lap) and i came off the lane to find out that our connecting flight had already departed. Again, i understand when thinkgs like ths happen but i don't know why EVERYONE'S ability to help the situation was IMPOSSIBLE. I was not given full service for my hotel, in fact, i had to ASK for my HALF covered hotel vouchers... NO food vouchers were offered and it seemed that everyone that night that i spoke with was new at their job. They were always asking their supervisor, "how do i...(fill in the blank)?" it took WAY too long. And then i was told, after about 45 minutes of unsuccessfully finding a flight the next day... "call booking, their number is down the hall on a sign. They should be able to help you find a flight for tomorrow." I then called them and was immediately greted by a RECORDING. thanks... now i know how imortant i am. Once i got on the phone with an actual PERSON, she had NO CLUE what she was doing. She kept trying to send me oversears, or thought i was going to Boston? and then laughed about how she made mistakes. I was in NO MOOD. My arms were tired from carrrying my one year old son and i wanted to hurry and get to the hotel and rest. But this was only the beginning.

Once i found out that i couldn't leave until MONDAY (this was saturday), i went down to find my baggage. The baggage service said the bags would take TWO HOURS to be found and sent back to me. It was 8:30pm so i waited for my bags...., with my one year old TIRED baby. I asked if they could just deliver them to the hotel? NO. this was not my final destination and was rudely told that i HAD TO WAIT. So i did. And then after two hours of waiting and STILL no bag... i went bag.. i went back up to teh baggage desk and asked, "where are my bags? i can't seem to find them? have they come out yet?" and was told rudely, "the baggage people went home for the night." WHAT!? why was i not told that at 8:30pm when i asked about them? how was i supposed to get all the necessitites for my baby?!?!! i was stuck. So i had to go to the hotel empty handed and spend the money that i WANTED to spend on my cavation towards things i already had in my bag that lay somewhere in the airport... as well as the remaining balance for the hotel for TWO NIGHTS and taxi services to take me to target to GET the stuff i needed since the hotel AA booked me with didn't help at ALL. Not to mention i needed FOOD.

I got more help from random people suffereing from the same situation than i got from the hightest supervisor of the airline that should have been taking care of me. WHAT HAPPENED TO REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE? i surely did NOT find that on your airline. Your employees were short, rude and treated me inferiorly. They cared more about making money by keeping me ON your airline than they cared about getting me safely and happily to my destination no MATTER the carrier. THAT is really disappointing. I will never EVER use American Airlines again after i return to San Francisco because of this experience. AND neither will the vast majority of people i spoke with going through the same situation. You owe me at LEAST $500. thank you.

Lindsay Heinzen

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A SLEW of wonders. (said like Jafar from Aladdin)

wonder #1... beHOLD!!! my new WACOM drawing tablet for the COMPUTER!!!
aahhh! (sung like a choir girl)

wonder #2... see that bruise and scrape above the boy's left eye? banged it on the bathtub. it was the first spilled baby boy blood!! ohhhh....preCIOUS.

wonder #3.... lucas' new skirt/my future bribery photo. sah sah SASS-Y.

wonder #4.... okay.. no REAL wonder here... just another cute close up of the scar. boy, he looks DANGEROUS doesn't he ladies?

wonder #5.... lucas seems unimpressed by my video efforts.

and the BEST wonder for last!!!!

wonder #6... well you'll just have to watch cuz i'm not gonna tell you. whoo HOO!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cozy Bear

went to go get lucas up to go somewhere and found him REALLY cozy with his new bear Woods.

thanks grandma!!!

lookin' too old for me to be comfortable with (look at me...ending with a preposition!!! i'm such a rebel!!).

...oh NO.

Monday, March 1, 2010


okay.. so i think i was drunk last night when i made that video...cuz lets face it... it SUCKSKSKSS. ... what i was TRYING to do was show a video FOR lucas to watch as he gets older to know how many people love him and to try and match the words that life is hard but you have good people around you so don't freak out..... so i'll leave that video there.. but the video i'm sure you were HOPING i'd make is the one quit whining and watch the REAL video... made possible by windows movie maker and a patient lover who i'll call my "focus filter". it's MUCH better.. i swear.

...just because i love you.