Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ben Folds Craziness

Welp. Before the graduation Enos and I went to the only concert i've EVER wanted to go to so badly i dreamt about it several times for it happened.....Ben Folds... if you don't know who that is.. you live under a rock... or you're a little old (sorry Tara hehe) ... here's a video of his... HERE....He's one of my favorite. I feel like every one of his songs says something about me or my life. It's helped me get through a LOT of stuff in my life... but anyway.. on to the point of this story.... so i went to the concert and had a GREAT view of the stage on the balcony (see picture below) but we had space in front of us that was blocked off from the public because it was directly over the stage and the bands didn't want anyone right there to spit or throw things... well to make a VERY long and complicated story short (plus i've already told this story so many times i feel guilty enough.) ....I got in a fight when some stupid girls when they tried to weasel their way in front of us in that little blocked off area... they succeeded and our view was SEVERELY intercepted. I was PISSED needless to say... that's all, i got in a fight and ended up moving so i could actually ENJOY the concert. Partly my fault... partly stupid blond bimbos fault. I can't even explain how ditsy they were.. honestly.. EXACTLY like Clueless but in real life. I could barely stand it. Enjoy the evidence.

before the incident.

circle where ben folds would be when he sung.

my view AFTER the girls... (circled above after
they had later got all of their stupid friends in the box too.)

The Graduation Speech.

here it is.

Too much going on...

For those non-believers.. i was at work until 8:30 tonight so POO on YOU i've been too busy for this digital world of hatred. (jessica, janae and apparently raschel too) (shaking my head in dismay). Okay now.. on with the happenings of this past week. As most of you know, Enos graduated with an undergraduate degree in Physiology and Developmental Biology from BYU. AND... since he's so wonderful and smart he also got to speak in front of his whole college at graduation. Basically everyone who spoke before and after him wanted to brag about everything they had done from traveling abroad, internships, donating to the homeless, solving world hunger and fixing the nation's economy....blah blah blah... then my enos got up and gave the speech i've posted. What a sweet man. I love my big mexi melt (cuz he's only half mexican). Also we were really glad that the fam was able to be there... even ammon and amanda made an appearance!!! yay!!... but no ira. :( Anyway... here are some pictures from the day.


the mexi in question.

why matt will be a great uncle.

too many pictures make mica give up.

Enos and one of his friends (i don't know him).


Enos needs too much attention.

sisterly love.

finally.. it's over.

wait til we get home.. sheesh enos!!

apostles at the graduation.. only at BYU.

Enos and the Android.

sexy mexi on a stage.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Other peopls's children."

This is Henry. He lives upstairs. We like to pair his pictures with familiar simpsons' quotes.

So enos and i have a folder on our computer of all the pictures of random children that we know, not relatives (they go in the "family" folder)... but yeah... so we have a whole mess of children in a folder we call "other people's children" Wow. We ARE lame. But yeah... so we also have a whole mess of kid pictures on our fridge. Nieces and nephews, family and of course Raymond and Henry. Just thought that my family and friends should know how much we care about them and think about them. This is our fridge. Love you all. :)

also, Amy i thought you should know i get compliments on this picture ALL the time from both adults AND children. People think they are adorable... cuz DUH they are!

Half Truths...

Sorry i freaked out about the Orphan Works bill. I'm no longer worried after some rational thinking from my sister and sister-in-law. Thanks. I think it will be okay. Sorry for the panic i created (if any).

Random Shenanigens

Meeting tara and the kids for lunch one random and unplanned saturday.

Enos laughing at Scrubs.

Crazy woman.

The lovers..

and the feline.

Flooded at Work. Literally.

So i drove up to work today and found all of my coworkers standing outside in what looked like the aftermath of a rain storm... but without any rain... that is, unless, you count the water pouring from the building as rain. I like to think of the building as "crying." It makes it sweeter. or sadder. I'm not sure. Apparently, a water main broke under our building and started making sounds like the titanic did when it got hit... people were freaked so they got out and then water started making the ground float. It's all very dramatic. Anywho, here is the not-so-impressive picture i took of the outside. The inside is where all the REAL action was but i couldn't get in... they forbid it because it was "structurally unsound" whatever. So yeah..i didn't have work today OR tomorrow which is kind of nice because now i can catch up on all the freelance i've been neglecting. Sorry people. :/ Oh, and i also took a couple of pictures when i first moved into my desk which are underneath the flood picture. So don't bother looking for any water.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Late Nights at Sensory Sweep

Well.. i'm at my new job right now as i type this and i'm feeling a little out of it. Not tired but out of the loop. I feel like my comments are misunderstood and annoying. When i worked at sandman i felt like everyone got me. Once i stepped into this building i suddenly became awkward and quiet. Yes... ME quiet. Now don't get me wrong i love my new job but it's mostly because i'm so thrilled to be drawing everyday. What made me type this was what happened in the bathroom. A girl walked in and since i'm so eager to get to know people i ask her if the stall she rejected was questionable. She looked at me weird and said, "no, it just didn't have any toilet paper so i'm not going in there." Then i laughed awkwardly and said, "HA. Good reason." STUPID STUPID STUPID lindsay. I feel like i'm in high school again but since i'm married the people i'm trying to meet now are girls so they'll be my friends. I hate being awkward.