Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cuz nothin' is better...

...than sesame street and Johnny Cash.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October-y Flibberishness.

lucas and his gourd... he picked it out himself. pointed to it and said, "ma?" yes lucas.. you can have him. :)

the pumpkin buddies club.

actin' goosey.

shut yo mouth, fool!

goin' shopping for PUNKin's


"i swear.. i just need ONE more basket and then i'll be good."

king of the nerds.

yay for october... the best month of the year :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Naked Time.

So one morning i was NOT wanting to get up... i heard lucas in the other room but stayed in bed for a few more minutes... so he got frustrated...and when he's frustrated.. he takes off his shirt.. and his pants... and his diaper. Lucky me, he didn't pee everywhere.

Come with me... and you'll a WORLD of pure imagination.

Here's our trip to disneyland in a nutshell.

I wanted to go to this place with this guy...

... and these folks. They're the Dells. Some of our DEAREST friends.

angie is a little awkward and a lot bit awesome...

Craig looks like Gene Wilder and has a sense of humor to match.

Angie is a little bit naughtier.

.. but we are too.. so that's okay.

So the first day... we went on every AWESOME ride at least twice..
this is a picture of our second time on Space Mountain. I'm still a bit nervous.
Clearly angie had lost her mind.
Then we went to eat. I had printed up this list of the ten best things to eat in Disneyland and was determined to get them all. Well.. most of them. This is the vegetarian gumbo. DELICIOUS.

Angie was so dazed by the deliciousness that she began to pick her nose.
(no, not really... ew.)
Then a little later in the day.. we saw this guy... for TOO long.

No joke.. the ride broke down and we were stuck inside the Haunted Mansion for 15min more than we should have been. But we were cool. there was lots to look at.

... and we had these folks... remember?

once we finally escaped.. we went on the dumbos. Angie and I had never been and decided it was high time to do it. and do it today.

the guys were kinda selfish and took a whole dumbo to themselves. oh... sassy.

As for me...Mr. Toad is a sweet talker. be careful.

We even went on the teacups. FUN! at least until the place started spinning and i wanted to die.
Enos kept up his spirits.

Oh.. and of COURSE.. we got to see LOTS of interesting people... like THIS woman.
I'm gonna call all of the.. ahem.. STRONG women we found McLady Birds.

then we went back to space mountain... and whatta ya know.. here are a couple more..

the first day was scorchingly hot... and we needed some sweet relief.. so we rubbed our faces on this cold granite ball.. we had to scare the children away to get it for ourselves.. but once we did.. other grown ups came and joined in. that sounds wrong.. but whatever.

by the end of day one.. we were hot, tired and full of jokes. So we went back to the hotel and played disney trivia in our room.

enos and i won.. but they were up against the best.. come on.

Day Two was MUCH slower.. we still ate lots of deliciousness...
and of course we rode more of our favorite rides, namely...
Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain.. oh...
and buzz lightyear.

probably the ONLY ride Enos wasn't laughing on the entire time.
oh.. and don't judge my score.. it was my FIRST TIME! well.. since high school in DisneyWorld.
I got 189,000 the next time. so there.

yeah yeah.. everyone beat me. shut it.

THEN.. we went to California Adventure.. which should have been called "only like three things to do there because the rest is under construction" Land.... Nonetheless.. i road this beautiful ride..

Oh.. and jack got off work so we could hang out for the rest of the day.

Then i remembered as i was passing this guy... BURT! i was supposed to get a picture with this one.. for YOU heather. (bowing)

ps. he really was super charming.. i was totally smitten. Sorry Enos.

You're still my favorite.. i promise! :)

By the end.. we were TOTALLY pros. So much so.. we decided to be cool kids and ride space mountain with our sunglasses on. You should try it.. it's even crazier.
(note: enos' face doesn't change for ANY of the rides but Buzz Lightyear. Pure Nerd. love 'im.)

At the end of day two.. we were BADLY missing this little man. so we said farewell to our buddies and drove back to steal him back from AWmaw. :)
Bye Dells!