Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cozy Bear.

what can i say? he appreciates our memory foam mattress.

Grumpy TOOT

this guy... is not always pleasant. but i love him anyway.

Happy Birthday?

soooo.. i threw a surprise birthday for Enos back in August but was so busy planning it that i forgot to take but ONE picture OR post anything WISHING him a happy birthday...but he is honestly the most deserving person of a surprise birthday of anyone i've ever met... SO surprised and SO grateful. I love that ol' rascal.

Back to the Past....

enos saw one of these in our parking lot and got giddy as a school girl to take a picture of the "back to the future" car. He actually said, "i SAW A DE LOREAN!!" and i was like... "jigga wha?" then he put it in layman's terms for me.

Old Vacation Photo.

doesn't my hair look like white trash? yes.. i know. glad i cut it more.

When Bert wakes up...

... he has a natural progression to CRAZY as documented.

(sirius black anyone?)