Friday, October 31, 2008

Witchy Business and Halloween shenanigens

Tara and I at Witchapalooza... sitting on a bathtub.

Steph and her cousin, CoreyJoe

Tara... bein' all witchy.

These are my friends from work. From left to right....
Shawn (fry from Futurama), me (killer bee), Rhaelene (charlie brown ghost), Chris (some video game character, Van (a hippie), Reed (a wizard), and Sambo (scary small-headed skeleton).

there is more to come!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tagged.....or 40 forced facts about me.

8 shows I love to watch:

1. The Office.

2. Pushing Daisies.

3. Arrested Development.

4. Flight of the Concords.

5. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

6. Dexter.

7. The Soup.

8. 30 Rock.

8 favorite restaurants:

1. Red Iguana (super delicious authentic mexican food.... ask the food network!)

2. Happy Sumo (yes it's a chain of sushi which is SOOOO trendy right now... but i'm still a huge fan.)

3. Outback Steakhouse (just yummy)

4. Bangkok Tokyo (it went out of business but what a great little hole in the wall... i miss it... *sigh*)

5. Cracker Barrel (mostly because the people are HILARIOUSLY hicks and the food's all southern and delicious)

6. India Fusion (i love curry)

7. Mimi's Cafe (just good and homey)

8. Texas Roadhouse (this is a new addition to the list... because it's just GOOOOD. too bad the wait is 5 years to get a freakin' table.)

8 things that happened yesterday

1. I ate 1450 mg of sodium in a Marie Calender's frozen dinner... it was delicious and disgusting all at once.

2. Enos and I held hands on our carpool trip to work.

3. I got a maple bar during "donut and bagel day" at work.... that's hard to do.. you gotta RUN to get those.

4. I did my pregnancy yoga dvd for the first time. Thanks Janae.

5. I had the new killers song stuck in my head all day... ya know... the one that makes NO sense at all... are we humans or are we dancer? i don't understand.

6. Lucas made my afternoon when he was squirming around. I love that boy.

7. I switched between the presidental debate, america's next top model and what not to wear during primetime tv. (priorities people.)

8. I ate WAY too much candy... (but what's new, right?)

8 things that I am looking forward to:

1. Cooler weather....(yes!)

2. Halloween night.... we finally have PLANS for this night instead of some lame church party. yay!!

3. Being able to see what Lucas looks like and holding him.

4. Seeing my family during Christmas... especially my sisters!!!

5. Going to visit Andrew and Janae and the boys for new years!!!!! YAY!!!!

6. Doing P90X after my pregnancy is over so i can be totally hot by summer time.... for the first time.

7. Moving out of Utah someday.

8. Getting comments on this survey... (it better be worth it)

8 things on my wish list:

1. A healthy baby.

2. For my job to be more stable.

3. To someday visit the inside of Pixar for an interview.... while also meeting Brad Bird.

4. To continue to have a happy, healthy marriage to Enos.

5. To be financially worry free someday.

6. To live in an old, cool restored neighborhood.....(yes.)

7. To have a little shop someday where i can sell my art and crafts... and be, at least, locally famous for it

8. To be less crazy.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Feeling all Flashback-y.

Sooo... as you may already know...i used to live in the basement of Andrew and Janae's house... it was good times, awkward times and irritating times... but then they moved to Arizona... and now it's just lonely times. I've been missing them for a while now but today just put it over the edge when my parents and enos and i all drove through the Alpine Loop and stopped in at Sundance to ride the lift and get hot chocolate this sunday.... instead of going to church... (much in the style of andrew and janae)... we walked passed Ray's Lift and i just sighed because i wanted to ride it for old times sake... but it was shut down for the day... (too much snow this morning).... Then i went through all my pictures of them and found a couple of my favorites... as well as some stolen one's from her blog....*sigh*

riding ray's lift back in 2005.... before a shower... before we really knew these people.

sassy girl on our first camping trip...

going down the hill at warp speeds.

celebrating christmas.... in november.

camping with Cruella.

before Janae's second death... and Henry's debut. (gosh we look skinny... *sigh*)

Miss you lover.

Halloween and randomness

well... my parents have been here this weekend and we had a lot of fun. We went to gardner's village (which for those of you who don't's like a really cute crafty shopping place)... my mom and i go every year. As usual she bought me some cute halloween things :) But i'm getting ahead of myself... first are a couple of pictures of our apartment... they are messy but i just don't see us cleaning for the pictures.

the dining room....

the living room... (with a handsome man and a unpainted canvas... i still haven't figured out what to put there...)

random Lucas gifts from Maw Maw's visit


our front door....

hydrocephalus boy...

gause spider...

angry pumpkin cat.... (really... cats SO deserve things like this...)

But sometimes i still love him... like when he does the following...

what a silly feline.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Updated Belly Pics

Sooo... i'm 21 weeks now... and my boobs are huge... you may look at this picture and go... uhh whatever... but for someone who's always been small up north... it's hard to adjust to these THINGS... i don't know how you other women deal with them on a regular basis! And my tummy touches my boobs when i lean over... it's a weird feeling. oh yeah... and my butt IS getting bigger. thanks a lot genetics. That's all. *sigh* I know i know.. it could be worse... i could weigh 100 lbs more and look sweaty. I'm just feeling down because one of my favorite accessories are tights and i can't fit into mine anymore... it cuts off circulation to my belly... it's really uncomfortable... I guess i'll buy more shoes and ugly bags.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sister shoes

Jessica bought Lucas these little vans... aren't they sassy? I thought so too. I can't wait til his big enough to where them and out of my womb.

New baby= new, old car

So Enos and I went to test drive a car last Saturday just to see how we liked the Scion xb... now before you go judging... yes... it's a bit hideous of a car... but i still really like it... i guess i'll attribute it to my love (and buying) of ugly things....most times it doesn't work out... but in this case... it did. We wanted black but were willing to settle since this car was a good deal. It's a 2005 with 46,000 miles on it and it's in really good condition. Anywho... Here are some pictures for you obsessive blog checkers (janae and jessica). Oh and sorry Janae... I keep forgetting to take pictures of my apt when it's clean... mostly because it's never clean. Deal with it.

the hip dash.

lucas' spot in the back (next to enos' lunch)

us inside the new vehicular

Lucas' Debut Video

Welp... i'm EXACTLY half way today... phew... and we had another doctor's appointment where they gave us a DVD of him breaking out his new's really sassy. You'll see in the video he slaps the wall of the uterus...he's so abusive....and he does it all the time. I just yell at him to stop but he never listens. I put together a short little video of him doing things. It's mostly for grandma's but you might enjoy it too.... my favorite is the swallowing... it's so precious. Enos and i agree he looks like me, but i can see some Enos in him too. What a sexy lad.

He was crossing his ankles in this picture... ya know, just hanging out.

sorry the video is a bit shaky...i was recording a recording... (it's a long story)

MY Enos the Genius :)

Sooo... i know i haven't posted in a while but really.. i had nothing to say... until NOW... i just want to announce that Enos now has TWO interviews for dental school!!! One at Western University in Pomona, California (next friday) and another one at IU in Indianapolis (november 7). That's all... just wanted to say how excited we are and how great this is since it's the second year we've applied to dental school and nothing really happened the first time around....and yes i say WE because i helped THERE. :).....oh, also... i have to say that my favorite part of this dental school process is the unknown spontaneity of "where are we going to live for the next four years?" i'm serious... i love it... it's so something Enos would never do... he's Mr. Planner. but he can't be with's great. :)