Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Candy Windows

So i've been involved in this committee for with the arts in Provo where people make window displays made of pure candy... It started because the old lady Relief Society President in my old ward found out i was an artist and said she wanted me to design it. This post is about 2 years too late but oh well.. at least you're getting to see it now right? Also, the newspaper article that this came out of was printed this year to talk about candy windows in general and they picked mine as one to display!! i was so flattered. Anywho... i did the designing but almost all of the candy design was made by Pauline Brailsford, the relief society president. I only caulked the pink and brown coral on the left on top of the coral mound and drew the mermaids face on her... she had an ugly brat's doll face previously. Yuck, i hate those things more than anything...ever. Anyway, i'm doing a new design this year for the candy windows to be displayed in December of this year.. (yeah.. they plan THIS far ahead)...It's really old ladyish and fun. haha

Happy Valentine's Day afterall...

So my lovely husband got me some flowers for valentine's day about a week late.. Even after i told him not to and then got sad cuz he didn't. Wow, that's patience. Anywho... i thought i'd take a picture of them since they are lovely...well... one at a time lovely... every time a new one opens... the previous one dies... but what do you expect when you buy them from BYU.

The Third oldest garment i own.

So this sports bra may look like any average sports bra... except for the fact that it's incredibly ugly... but so what, right? NO. This bra has a very sad first belonged to my sister Jessica in (get this) 8th grade, i believe. Then... she gave it to me. I have had this bra ever since... and sadly... it STILL FITS. If that isn't pathetic, i don't know what is. I put it on this morning to workout and i realized that this is the third oldest thing i own in my closet.. the only thing two things that beat that is a baseball shirt given to my mom when she was of college age that i now wear as an "around the house" shirt. The second oldest being a shirt that was also my mom's that i wore as a dress when i was a toddler. It talks about dying and how when i die i wanna go to Texas. Anyway... just some unimportant, probably uninteresting information i'd let you in on.

Remember my very first post on this blog?

Well... this post is liken unto that post... if you are squeamish... do not read this. (this goes for all you pregnant women... except maybe jessica... i think you'd like this.)

So here's the story... this group of guys go camping up in the Yukon and a polar bear jumps onto one of them through the tent. SomeHOW this guy manages to shoot the bear before getting killed. It's pretty amazing.

the tent after the fact...

the bear after the fact... here's where it gets good...

his back...

his head...
and worst of all....(scroll down)

his leg. WOW.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Living in the airport for V-day.. but who would know... there's no evidence.

Welp... as many of you know i was born with one good ear and one evil ear... okay not evil but very annoyingly misshaped. It's a congenital birth defect called Microtia. I've put a picture on here to show you what it looked like when i was little beFORE all the surgeries... Well after 5 surgeries.. i decided the final product was LESS than satisfying and opted for a prosthetic. I decided to go to Robert Barron. He used to work for the CIA doing disguises for agents so needless to say... he's VERY good. Click on his name to see what i mean...Anyway... in order to GET said ear..i needed to travel to Ashburn Virginia which is about 15 min. from D.C. Enos and i decided that we would go whenever we could so it ended up we made the appointment for Valentines day. I WOULD have had lots of cool pictures on here to show our trip and how we went to D.C. and visited the monuments and museums but... we didn't go to anywhere cool. Of the 48 hours from the 13th to the 14th we spent SIX... yes only SIX of that NOT at airports. YAY!!!.....(screeching halt sound)... wait... that really sucks. So yeah.. we were DEAD tired after that. The trip went really well though and Robert Barron was really nice and laid back so we had a good old time laughing and telling stories in his office. He also showed me a bunch of other ears he had made... it was really funny because all around his office were lifelike body parts he'd been working on... an arm over there, a finger here and a stack of ears to show me(which he held like a hand of cards he was very proud of). He was like a crazy great uncle or something. It was really fun. Anyway.. i didn't get the ear just yet... he had to take molds of the good ear and whatnot but i'll get it sometime in May just in time for Mica's wedding. Anywho.. since enos and i spent so much time on the plane we ended up looking at those Duty Free magazines and found two very INAPPROPRIATE ads in there... so naturally we took pictures of them, laughed like children and now i'm posting them on here so you can laugh too. Also we rode on these very badly designed shuttles to take us from one terminal to the next... They look like something that someone really uncreative would think of for a "space age" movie...unfortunately i didn't get a good picture. It's amazing how many pictures i DIDN'T take.. not of Robert Barron or enos and i or anything... i was just a zombie... Sorry,...anyway, I'll post more about this in May when i get my ear. also..i put of sad picture on here of me that enos took right after surgery to get the very expensive ear removed... don't i look so pathetic?

Bad picture of the airport... Hey, it's all i had!!

Can you read this.... uhhh... YEAH. That's not what it LOOKS like.

The Super Kegel Exerciser^ HA. When enos saw this picture he said, "for a minute there i didn't know what i was looking at."



Thursday, February 7, 2008

A public apology to the love of my life...

No no.. i'm not apologizing to Janae...i'm apologizing to my dear husband. He was recently (today) offended by the post I made regarding his "shrieking like a girl." I have to admit that i embellished that enough to entertain... but it IS true that he yells when he goes into that closet when it's cold but it in no way resembles a girlish shriek as i put it. I simple put that because the fact that he mutters anything as he opens the closet door seems a bit funny and slightly feminine to me. Wimpy, if you will. However.. he is not wimpy and is quite strong and manly and i love him for every bit of manliness that he exudes. He has NEVER sounded like a "shrieking girl."

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Part of living in Utah

On the day of Hinckley's funeral, Mica and i were out wedding dress shopping. While we were out we happened to be on the street that President Hinckley's procession was coming down. So instead of driving off, we sat in our parking spot and filmed them as they went by... I felt like a paparazzo. It was also really neat to take a picture of all the people who had stopped what they were doing in various businesses to come and watch, even the cake bakers in their aprons. The street was VERY quiet and everyone was so respectful. It was really touching. Also, you'll notice that i pull away from the hearse towards the end because it was just like... "oh wait.. that's it?" it was just so small and understated passing by. I guess that's the way it should be.

OUR HOUSE. in the middle of....well...the snow.

I'm stealing this picture from Janae's blog to talk about something that Enos and I have found as a slight problem in our cute little condo...I've circled where our closet is...yes that's right... right there under the porch... no no... it's not protected deep inside there somewhere... it's directly on the front end of the house. This may seem like no big deal at first glance however... unless you want your clothes exposed to the world...or would keep the door shut... this creates a nice refrigerator of ice cold air that circulates in the closet until some unsuspecting individual opens the door (usually after a shower) and finds themselves shrouded in the cold of the outside despite being INSIDE...It's just one of those things that we've had to deal with (yes, i realize this is VERY minor). I only bring it up because it's hilarious to be in the living room and hear the other person scream as they go to dress themselves after a nice warm shower. Especially if that person is a large man like Enos...shrieking like a little girl.

Sorry i've neglected this blog...

that's all... i'm just sorry.