Saturday, May 31, 2008

Loca Lindsay

Sorry i don't have any pictures with this post but i had to tell everyone about work. It's been going really well and i love the people i work with. Unfortunately one of my good friends, Shawn, his wife's name is ALSO lindsay or rather lindsie (weird spelling i know) so things can sometimes get confusing around here, especially if she's at the office. So the people at work had been trying to come up with a nickname for me here are popular suggestions up until yesterday.... "Bob Vance, Vance Refridgeration," "Ketchup" (cuz like heinz... heinzen.. ), Vee (this explanation is too long.. it's basically cuz i spilled a drink on my desk, like this other guy named Vee who used to spill things all the time and used to work here). And various others that i can't remember right now because my short-term memory sucks. Well yesterday that all ended when i needed to talk to Jon and i didn't wanna walk all the way to his desk so i just yelled at him "HEY JON!!! COME HERE I NEED YOU!!!!" At which point my friend Rory tapped Jon on the shoulder and said, "lindsay needs you.... loco lindsay." Apparently this was an epiphany and now it's my official name in the office. I put Loc-A lindsay in the title because Rory said.. well technically it would be Loca since you're a girl. Not the most flattering name to be called but i AM crazy so i guess it fits. At least i know i'm loved at work now. HA

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chapter 1/2: The bridal shower

Here are a few pictures from the bridal shower that i forgot to post... this was the first big event after our move...

mica's cute lingerie!!

making mica do stupid things for our entertainment.

guests :)

the group. (yes... mica's on the phone.. it's her mom.)

Mica's Twin sister, Roxy. I think they were separated at birth.

Chapter 4: The Wedding

Though i didn't get any REAL pictures of the wedding.. i'll post the few random ones i took that make the whole family look drunk. HA. I'm just glad it's all over. I'll try and post more wedding pictures once i get them. If you can't wait... go and look on the Martin Kin blog over in my links. There are some good ones in there...

the martin/heinzen "get to know you" BBQ.
what started really awkward... ended fun. :)

bill and tara at the BBQ.

ammon and amanda also at BBQ.

And now for the worst wedding pictures ever taken.
(this is why i stick with drawing.)

drunken randomness picture #1

drunken randomness picture #2
drunken randomness picture #3
drunken randomness picture #4

Enos telling me to give up on taking pictures.

Chapter 3: Vacation Time!!!

So the rest of the trip Enos and I decided to live it up in D.C. and go to all the museums we could (well... with the one day we had left)...though we nearly killed ourself we somehow managed to see both air and space museums, the natural science museum, one of the art museums, the white house, the washington monument and have dinner with Austin. PHEW. what a DAY.

happy me after getting a spongebob ice cream.

we kept watching this squirrel get closer and closer to
us and expected it to do that squirrel thing.

this is the view as we flew over Dallas... if you look really
close in the distance you can see lake ray hubbard and rockwall

My favorite section of the whole natural history museum
was the one with all the jewels and gems. of COURSE i had to take a picture
of my favorite, the pearls. they were HUGE!!


indeed sign... inDEED.

air and space-ness

paying homage to a fellow artist without an ear. (i've named my ear
Vincent as a token of my respect. HA!)

Enos and the Wright Bros. plane

our nation's capital..

( i was really craving another spongebob ice cream at this point. hehe)

Enos was pretty hungry himself.

the future dentist with past teeth.

me with my baby dinosaur... awwww.

Geoffrey was there in spirit... literally.

Natural History Museum from upstairs.

my second ride.

The space shuttle Enterprise

this exhaust doesn't look too impressive...
until you stick a chubby in the picture.

enos' second ride.

in front of the white house.... it's so much smaller than i thought it would be.

enos... Top Gunning it out.
of course we had to take a picture
with the NAZI plane... i mean, hey,
we are HEINZEN'S aren't we?

tiny me...

and tiny E.

See the monument? just checking.

Chapter 2: The New Ear.

As i've mentioned before (and most of you know anyway because you've known me most of my life) I was born with a birth defect called Microtia. Well... The whole reason for my trip to Virginia and the D.C. area was to visit a VERY talented man by the name of Robert Barron. He has helped SOOO many people feel confident and normal with his AMAZING prosthesis. So after hearing about him. I decided (with the help of Enos) that getting a prosthetic was the best thing for me. While this involved LOTS of surgery (from very start to very finish- 8) I knew i'd be more happy if i got the reconstructed ear taken off because, let's face it, it just didn't look quite like an ear. Thanks to both my parents AND my husband's parents i was able to get this lovely prosthetic ear that i can wear all the time! I've shown everyone i know and they all can't tell which ear it is and that's the way i like it! I think people's favorite thing to do is stare at it with squinted eyes and their mouth hanging ajar. HA. I love it and i'm so glad i finally feel normal.

so many surgeries

after the first removal surgery

after the second removal surgery

after 3rd and final removal surgery

my new ear

Robert Barron :)

Thank you Robert!!! You're the best!!!

These last few are the for the weirdos who asked to see pictures of me holding my ear and such... enjoy.

my hand has good hearing... (oh the pranks i'll pull on Halloween)

my ear carrying case. HA. Go ahead jessica... i can hear you laughing.

My first try-on