Friday, May 6, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting to know the boy.

here are a couple of pictures and videos that let you into the mind of a strange little bean. MY bean. he make LOOK just like enos... but he's got MY crazies.

he NEVER sucks on anything but his blanket corners... this was a rare moment indeed.

this reminds me of a picture i've seen of myself as a young lass... that ONE shoe he's wearing is a squeaker shoe. he's not aloud to wear it anywhere but the house (umm yeah.. that thing is ANNOYING) but he likes it because it draws attention and makes him feel all silly. Ps. he hates pants. don't all children? no wait.. doesn't EVERYBODY? yeah.. i thought so.

i like him being sneaky.. even if his mom can't take a freakin' focused picture to save her life.

his presents on easter morn accompanied by floury bunny paw prints.

and now... for a couple of videos into his train-obsessed, dust busting life.

i had one more video but stupid blogger won't upload it so it'll have to wait. it's easter morning.

what can i say? he loves to bust the dust...not very accurately i might add.

lastly...his love for trains comes full circle as he rides a train for the very first time.

ignore his hideous mohawk in this picture.. the sides were too short when i first cut it and he looked more like a white supremacist instead of a cool hipster kid. *gag*