Monday, June 30, 2008

Still sick...

This is just an update for all of you impatient TURDS who think a person should eat, sleep and LIVE in the blogging world. I've been sick this entire week and i've been sleeping a LOT. That's it... oh... and my baby is the size of a blueberry and Enos and i talk to it calling it our blueberry baby. That's all... I'll post as soon as I have pictures of our (finally) decorated apartment. :) later.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My tummy feels SICK

Okay... so today has been REALLY uncomfortable... I just have to vent about it. I don't know if it's because i'm pregnant (probaby)...but i was SOOO annoyed with church today. We went and they announced that there was no air conditioning... how can you even HAVE church with no air conditioning? isn't that illegal or something? Needless to say.. i was so fricken hot bein' pregnant in that MESS. And the hot combined with what seemed to be an alarming amount of really unattractive people just drove me NUTS. First... one of the deacons passing sacrament seriously needed an undershirt. He was chubby and had little man boobs, which is fine, you can't help that... but i just kept getting mad at his mother... why would she allow him to walk around with NO undershirt when his little titties were out like that?! HOW ANNOYING! and then there were these very loud and NOT cute babies sitting around me, which i know i shouldn't get mad at because what if IIII have an ugly kid, ya know? But it just was making me sick cuz it was so hot and the ugly and annoying-ness....I wanted to throw up. So i went home and took a 3 hour nap. Then when i woke up we had dinner plans and though i wasn't feeling 100% i still decided to go because i wanted to see these friends... but after three hours of being there i felt really tired and sick again and came home and slept until about an hour ago. WOW.... what an annoyingly exhausting day. I'm annoying myself right now. Sorry i just had to vent.....boy am i ever pregnant.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The First RECORDED white trash moment...

Perhaps it's something that the George girls begin to do when they get pregnant and so forth but i did something very white trash yesterday.... I hadn't eaten very much all day and so on my drive home i noticed the Golden Corral two blocks from my house and i just HAD to go their for dinner, it's neon sign called to me. As soon as i got home i asked Enos if we could go and well... he's ALWAYS game for buffets so we went. I regretted it the MOMENT i walked in. WOW... that place really is the most white trash place ever. We were surrounded by tables full of teenage mothers , people missing teeth and guys with greasy hair. Now i know it's not kind to judge but i just couldn't help feeling so BLOODY uncomfortable in this place... i really felt like i had lowered my standards as a pregnant woman. wow. After eating two platefuls of food i began to feel VERY sick. I was breathing heavy on the way home and before we reached our front door......PUKE, right in the grass..I looked at Enos with an embarrassed and pathetic face. He just said, "well, um... go upstairs and finish that." So i did. I felt so gross. EW. i will NEVER go to an all you can eat place again... (until i forget about this experience and crave it all over again. Stupid forgetfulness.) By the way... this was the first time i've thrown up since i've been pregnant. I don't think it was BECAUSE i was pregnant though... i just think it was because of all the food i forced down my throat. Okay i better stop, i'm grossing myself out again. That's all.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Oven Mitt Escapade.

Okay soo....something very strange happened while making dinner for ourselves....Enos put on the oven mitts to drain the pasta into the colander about the time that Geoffrey walked into the kitchen... After he was done, Enos waved at Geoffrey with the mitts on "Hi Geoffrey!" and flapped his hand inside the mitt. Apparently this strikes fear in the hearts of young cats....or at least it does to my Geoffrey. He reacted as if Enos had grabbed a giant butcher knife and ran at him like a maniac. His tail got all puffed up like a feather duster and he ran with all his might... right out of the kitchen. Well... this was just TOO much fun for Enos, who insisted on scaring the daylights out of the strange feline for the remainder of the night. Poor, dumb Geoffrey. (okay okay, i did it too a few times... it just gets such a reaction out of him i could barely stand it).

(ps. since oven mitts are barely thought of as an item of terror, these are, sadly, the scariest mitts i could find in a 5 minute period.)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Big Annoucement

Welp... most of you might have already found out or know but i'm gonna make it official on here.... I'm spaghetti sauce... or more precisely.... Prego. That's right... I'm pregnant. I don't know what else to say except we're excited (in our lazy-type way) and it doesn't feel real yet. I'm only five weeks. BUT things ARE going well and i've only had a tiny bit of nausea. I made my first doctor's appointment and it's on July 15th. And actually i have to admit that the word prego has always rubbed me the wrong way.. i'm not sure why it bothers me so much but it does. Oh well... i'm sure a lot of you like that word so i won't rant more about that. It's just a word i wanna punch. End of story. HA. So yeah.. just thought i'd let you all know :) oh... one more thing... the internet (cuz it's ALWAYS right) told me that i'm do on February 14th. The day of love... or in my case... the day of pain. I'm sure i won't have it on that day... but what would be cool is if it came a day early and was born on Friday the 13th!! Oh welll.. a weird woman can dream (and a lot about really weird things.)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Pixar Dream and other fiction

  1. So i had this dream the other night that i can't stop thinking about. I dreamt that Enos and I snuck into Pixar to help me get a job. We did this be creating a large diversion.....Enos running around the building naked. HA. Anyway, so in the dream Enos keeps helping me get to different rooms that lead me closer and closer to Brad Bird's/John Lasseter's office (it kept switching between the two... though the latter is probably more accurate). My dad was also there and he knew a few people who knew how to get a meeting with him/them. Finally i reached the office at 7:15pm. I signed up for the next available spot which was 7:30pm... and waited. I waited and waited and waited until suddenly... i woke up. How annoying is that? It felt very symbolic.... all of it... except for the naked Enos.
  2. Another thing i keep thinking about is how buff i'll get if i finish P90X... if you don't know what it is... it's because it's a workout only suitable for the Gods... hence my inability to do it without crying afterwards and severly injuring myself. I've only been doing it for three days.
  3. Why is it raining here? shouldn't it be summer soon? JEEZ!
  4. Someday i'll finish all my freelance....someday. Sorry to those of you who this effects... please know that i'm working on it.
  5. My stomach is swollen... it's probably because of P90X... i hope it doesn't turn into jessica's swollen, TOO workout out abs experience.
  6. That's all. well not really... but i forgot the REAL thing i was going to talk about. I have a short memory.