Thursday, December 17, 2009

All my Ex's...

Lucas and i went to tejas this week... to hang out with all our family, remember how much we like bein' cowboys. oh yeah... AND to get out of enos' hair while he studies his BOO-TAY off for finals. go dental man!! We had TONS of fun with mawmaw and pawpaw.. and Raschel and Makena and even got to see Nana and Momo!! thanks for being great hosts you :)
lucas and his cow. the cow was something i bought in san fran to remind him of "home"

wearin' pawpaw's hat and dressed for the wrong holiday.

eatin'. hey, who's that good lookin' old man back there?


with sock pom poms.

okay.. this one is at our apartment but i had to show you his mad standin' skillz.

Monday, December 7, 2009

She's Going the DISTANCE....

UPDATE: i didn't realize HOW long a marathon is...maybe SOMEDAY...i'll just work on building up to that. oh..and i forgot to give my sister a shout out for introducing me to SHE IS THE GREATEST for doing that for me!!!!! (is that better jessica? it better be. turd.. was TARA that told me about the website...YOU were obviously trying to keep me fat!!! HAH)

i've always been someone who looks at runners and goes.. "ew." i have never had any desire to be a runner or run or anything like that.... until i had lucas... i think the reason heavenly father didn't let me lose the weight right away was because he knew this would be a new adventure for me... finding a love for running, working out... etc. I'm beginning to finally lose the weight!! And more than that... i love running now!!! I was finally able to run without stopping today... 2.8 miles. that feeling was so empowering.. were the first 7 weeks of running hard? YES. WITHOUT A DOUBT. but i'm getting better, stronger and wiser hahah.. sorry..i had to finish it like that.. .stupid 90's song. HAH... but seriously.. i love it now... i think EVERYONE who is physically capable should run. Now why am i telling you this? because i want to convert you. I want to SHOW you how beneficial it is... I'm going to put my weight on the sidebar and have you SEE it. EEK!? thats right... i'm doing a fat down so i can show you how effective running is....and by the end of it.. i want to NOT ONLY get down to my goal weight of 130 lbs. but also run a MARATHON.. that's right folks....... and hopefully all this will get you to start THIS PROGRAM... only the best program EVER for you to start running... it makes it SO easy!!! it's hard (like any workout regimen) to stay motivated... but the actual running is really pretty easy... so try it out!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm big in Ireland.

So you all know by now about my ear... if not... read THIS.... anyway.. so i get a call from my ear doctor's office saying, "we were wondering if we could use your picture in a magazine in Ireland." i'm like "sure." what do i care, right? So yeah... i got the mag in the mail about 1 1/2 months ago and it's just been sitting on my computer desk to post on here... so here i am.. finally posting it. cool eh? hah... so yeah.. i'm big in Ireland. :)

and look at me rubbing shoulders with tom cruise. HAH