Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mother Skin Flashback: SHORT.

Newer Hair

here's my new haircut. don't like it? guess what... i don't care! no really.. i don't. HAH oh.. and don't lie to me that you DO like it.. at least not in person.. i can TOTALLY tell when people lie. HAHA it's awesome.

Photo Redeem

JUST so the last image in your head of enos isn't him gagging with impression material in his mouth.

unless of course you didn't see that yet, in which case.. it WILL be the last image you see as you scroll down to the newest post... so um.. just remember to scroll back up. HAH

Real life Tree Trunks.

sooo.. if you haven't seen Adventure Time because it's a CARTOON get off your high horse and watch it, dummy. during which you may come across a character named Tree Trunks. She is a really REALLY old elephant who is a little bit naive and a LOT bit sweet. she's awesome. but she dies....kinda. due to the joys of internet networking i came upon a friend's Great Grandma that reminded me of her. see the similarities? i know. SERIOUSLY. tree trunks in real life.

click HERE to watch a clip. she's awesome.

and to see how it all ends... click HERE. if you get impatient (cough JESSICA) then just fast forward to the 2min. mark.

Why you shouldn't hate your dentist...

...because everything you go through in their office... they've gone through... with a STUDENT doing it.

you know when they take those impressions of your mouth? yeah.. this is what happens when they don't make the goo the right consistency. It was dripping down his throat. THANKS michael.. for gagging my husband. you turd.