Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Birthday Weekend Fun

This is the shelf that my parents paid for so lucas didn't look all white trash with his diaper box "toy bin"... depressing! so yeah... thank you parentals!!!

see... he loves it.

then it was time for birthday MADNESS...

wait.. what happened to the cake? see the video at the end of this post.

oops.. he forgot to say a prayer....

then he got an AWESOME gift from Uncle Ira.. some little waterbugs...

so of course he had to go STRAIGHT to the bathtub/sink to try them out.

i think he approves.

what a booger nose. i love him.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

calendar nut.

i love you Lucas... now stop growing!!!

"i'm one... how are you?"

"i'm one? how can this be? where did all the time go?"

"did you know this was gonna happen?"

"i wonder what will happen this year?"

"i bet it'll be so funny!"

"don't cha think?!"

"but i think i'll want you there with me. okay?"

"so we can cozy up when it rains."

"but give me some space too.. because i'm gonna be an independent baby boy."

"hmm.... this tastes good."

the end.

Happy Birthday Fruit Toot.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Passing of someone

My Aunt Momo (debby raines) passed away this last saturday. it really came as a shock and felt really strange to hear my dad say the words that "she was gone." I love you Momo. Can't wait to see you again.

(FYI: She is the one who helped make the monster blanket for lucas, along with my Aunt Nana.)

Lego Boy

"leave me alone, mother."

(demon voice) "i SAID leave me ALOOOOONE!!!"

I'm trying to eat legos here. sheesh.


Busy with Art...

okay so my nephew josh really wanted his room to be painted in robots and space stuff and so tara had asked me to do some painting in his room.... so that's what i did. overall it was a good learning experience. I've never painted with house paint or on walls before so it took some getting used to but i think it turned out pretty fun.


Also.. i was asked to paint the Wizard of Oz characters for the doors in the church for a Relief Society activity since i'm on the enrichment committee. anywho... in typical Lindsay fashion i waited until the DAY BEFORE to paint them.. so i had to do it FAST! i like the NON human characters but dorothy really chaps me. ugh.. oh well.. overall i think it went well :)