Saturday, February 28, 2009


1. sometimes i go to my own blog and look at pictures of my baby even though i'm holding him....

2. sometimes i chat with enos on gmail chat when i'm sitting right next to him and we're on our computers.

3. sometimes i annoy Lucas because he's too cute and i wanna squeeze him like Chris Farley did to those rolls on Tommy Boy.

4. sometimes i forget how much money we DON'T have and spend it on something that makes me or other people smile anyway.

5. sometimes i wish i had more clutter so i could organize it... i love organizing.

6. sometimes i take my life for granted until i have an unexpected overnight hospital visit with Lucas... then i'm grateful just to sit on my own couch and hold my baby WITHOUT wires hanging off of him.

7. sometimes i wish enos was unemployed so we could play all day.

8. sometimes i get so hot after a shower that i wanna scream and run outside naked just to cool off.

9. sometimes i'm bored and don't wanna do anything to change that.

10. sometimes i make lists.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random Lucas-ness


thinking in his sleep.

hin heinzen boys.

he looks freaky in this last picture doesn't he? like one of those creatures from dark crystal or something.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alright, alright... the HOSPITAL LIST.... aka The Good, the Bad and the Annoying.

1. I'm not frustrated at all with breastfeeding... because i'm just not gonna do it. I'm pumping and that's it. I'm doing my best and i'm okay with that... i think jessica had posted that i was feeling pressured by the nurses.... that wasn't true. She just misunderstood... it's okay.

Firstly... labor...

2. Alright... so we arrived at the hospital and i'm having contractions and they hurt REALLY bad and the nurse... who aPPARENTLY is new... felt to see how dilated i was and said... "oh my gosh!! you're an eight!!!"... i was like WHOA... and then she said... "no wait.. you're a two".... what? really? are you THAT retarded? whatever. (she's made multiple numbers on this list)

3. Same nurse--So then she says in order to see if i can stay they'll keep me there and make me drink absurd amounts of water and apple juice... if i'm dehydrated and it's false labor, the contractions will go away... well.. i drank all that apple juice... mind you.. still having the worst pain i've had in my LIFE and i'm like... can't you guys give me something for the pain while i wait? and she's like... no....

4. Her again-- Then an hour later she says... here is some morphine... if you take this and your contractions are still there, we'll keep you here and start the epidural.... wait... you couldn't have given me this WHILE i was drinking all that apple juice? Why are you prolonging my pain!!!!!

5. So then she starts loading up the morphine shot and says she's gonna put it in my hip/butt... all of the sudden i get really queezy because of all that apple juice i had to drink in one hour... i was like, "i think i'm gonna throw up" so i sit up and enos runs to get that little pink plastic container to catch it in... now, either she's really stupid, has bad hearing or is just plain mean because RIGHT as i start throwing up she jabs that needle into my butt... i was REALLY annoyed and trying to ask her if she HAD to do that while i'm throwing up... but of course i was throwing up so it sounded more like this... "do you----BLAG---have to---BLAG---do that while i'm---BLAG".... so YEAH.... also..she talked too much and thought she was funny....really? i'm in labor!!!!

6. Well after the baby was all pushed out and things were fine i started to notice the INSANE amount of swollen-ness in my body... i know this is normal but i totally wasn't expecting it and it was just so ridiculous looking... i looked like the pillsbury dough boy... it was AWESOME. HAH

Now for...the nursey....

7. Since Lucas had problems he was confined to the nursery but i was allowed in any time i wanted... and so i'd go a LOT. The daytime nurses were nice and fun.... but the NIGHTTIME nurses were a BLAST. It was like working at Sensory Sweep again and pulling an all-nighter.... there was this one nurse who's ER husband came in and was showing us a youtube video of someone popping their abscess... WOW... YUCK. it was SO nasty and we were all screaming at how gross it was... But yeah.. it was too funny.

8. Another fun activity we did was rename all of the babies because... since i live in a poorer part of town.. they all had dumb white trash names like.... Heavyn (yes.. that's how it was spelled,too)... Gabriel Dusty (ew) and Raya Sunshine.... really? REALLY?

9. On this same note... the amount of irritating things that white trash people did while they were there bothered, enos... the nurses... they would bring like fifty people in the nursery even though they were told only two were aloud and they'd all be dressed in pj's like they were all living in there and the mother who just gave birth would be wearing a tight tank top with her pudge hanging out... and they'd loiter outside the nursery door in their big baggy pants and greasy receding hair, checking you out when you went to the nursery...carrying their brand new digital video cameras to film their baby while talking about medicaid...... it made me so mad. I know i know... they have feelings too... but you know what? they were really rude to the nurses and treated them like... "you gotta do anything i tell ya to" and would complain about EVERYTHING. HOW ANNOYING!!!

Now let's move on to our hospital room...

10. So... there were these hospital volunteers that would come into your room with only a quick knock and then prance right into the room with a smile on their face... announce, "i'm a volunteer here at the hospital... is there anything i can get for you?"... now normally this would be a kind gesture, right? well... accept if the following happens MULTIPLE times.... i'm pumping... "i'm a volunteer here at the hospital... is there anything i can get for you?".... i'm pooping...."i'm a volunteer here at the hospital... is there anything i can get for you?"..... i'm SLEEPING and they wake me up!!!! "i'm a volunteer here at the hospital... is there anything i can get for you?".... OH MY GOSH!!! go aWAY!!!! privacy maybe???

11. On the flip side... my nurses were great... they would let me sleep and i'd wake up to a full container of water at my bedside or a couple of graham crackers... what sweethearts. One even gave me a good piece of advice, "now... when you have your first poo... (yes she said poo)... brace's gonna intense!" and then she proceded to laugh. They really were great and friendly... I'm glad i chose the hospital i chose... even if it DID mean dealing with weirdo white trash people... i mean, hey... they make it interesting right?

12. And with that.... i'm done.....I hate ending on 11. Sorry this list is so disjointed... i had a very quirmy baby on my lap as i typed it up. :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

White Trash Moments?

Okay so things having been going alright here with Lucas and all but it's been hard to adjust...My sister, jessica always talks about these white trash experiences she has and i've decided that these only happen once you are a mother. Here's mine....

So a few days ago i called the doctor to tell them about my bodily aches and how i think i have an infection... the nurse said that she'd prescribe me some antibiotics for that and send it to the pharmacy of my choice... i told her... "the draper walmart"... stupid me.. i meant to say the SOUTH JORDAN walmart... but i wouldn't realize i'd said this until i got home from trying to pick UP the antibiotics.... SO.... here's how it went.............I load up the babe and we're off to walmart... i didn't put on my wedding ring because, well... it doesn't fit right now and it was cold outside so i slipped on my Led Zepplin hoodie not realizing how badly i was setting myself up FOR a white trash moment. After i drive there, i put lucas, still in his car seat in the cart at walmart... he fills up the whole space with my purse and his diaper bag and yeah... it looks ridiculous... Then i start sweating.. because that's what happens nowadays with these hormones leaving my body... so then my makeup starts coming off and i'm waiting in line at the pharmacy and asking this girl at the counter about my antibiotics.. she says that nobody called them in.... WHAT? (realize again... i still didn't know i'd told the nurse.. the draper walmart) ... anyway.. So she asks, "well.. do you wanna call their office?" and i'm like Yeah... let me do that... oh WAIT... my cell phone is at home... STUPID. So i ask to borrow THEIR phone on the opposite side of the counter... all while i'm sweating and looking white trash and then... just for fun... let's add something ELSE white trash... LUCAS starts crying.. yeah. I'm reaching over the counter to get to press numbers to lead me to the right person on the phone while my baby cries and ANOTHER white trash couple pulls up with their cart and ugly baby and stare at me like, "get your kid to shut up." Okay.. i would except that... I'M ON THE PHONE!!!!! i was so fricken frustrated....and let's add ONE more thing to top it off.... the girl behind the counter brings me two tubes of cream and says... oh yeah... i see that you ordered... um.... these. They were tubes of cream for my squiddlypooch that i'd ordered right after i got out of the hospital because IT hurt so bad... i didn't need them now though... but thanks for giving them to me NOW... or this moment would have never been made possible.... oh WELL.... in the end i got my pills and now i'm feeling MUCH better... Hopefully i can prevent the NEXT white trash moment....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who IS enos, really....

1. He's sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen ? either cartoons or history channel

2. You're out to eat, what kind of dressing does he get on his salad? french

3. What's one food he doesn't like? pickles

4. You go out to eat, what does he order to drink? Water...unless he's feeling spontaneous...then he'll get diet coke

5. Where did he go to high school? Bear Creek High School... i only remember this because every time we go to stockton...he points the school out to i've never seen it.

6. What size shoe does he wear? 13? i think.

7. If he was to collect anything, what would it be? probably kitchen knives...every time we see some he stops and stares and talks like he's gonna buy them... but obviously he can't since we're poor... and honestly.. how many sets of kitchen knives does a man need?

8. What is his favorite type of sandwich? I'd say a Double Western bacon cheeseburger from Carl's Jr.... and i'd be right.

9. What would this person eat every day if he could? pizza or number 8.. i swear.. he NEVER tires of these.... that's why IIII always have to decide where to eat because his suggestions are always these two.

10. What is his favorite cereal? easy one... Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

11. What would he never wear? a flowery shirt. i've tried a couple of times... and failed.

12. What is his favorite sports team? Sports? really? Enos? do you even KNOW enos?

13. Who did he vote for? Your mom... no seriously.

14. Who is his best friend? He's got kind of a man crew of best friends... i call them his lovers... they are as follows.... Evan, Craig, Tim, Pete, Danny, Caleb and Andrew... i'm sure i'm forgetting someone though...

15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn't do? Freak out. He says it all the time, "lindsay, don't freak out!" i continue to anyway... not by choice.

16. What is his heritage? Come on... don't be dumb... (but if you are... german and mexican)

17. You bake him a cake for his birthday; what kind of cake? i baked him a cake? when?

18. Did he play sports in high school? football for like a week or something as a freshman in high school i believe... it didn't suit him..or his weak hip.

19. What could he spend hours doing? Starcraft. That's all i'll say. *ugh*

20. What is one unique talent he has? he can cook like a mad man...he's quite gifted.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gosh i'm tired.

Okay... so once i get enough sleep to coherently put thoughts together... i'll post my hospital list... until then... here are some more pictures :)

he cried for like two seconds because he wanted his diaper changed but we were in the car... then he gave up and looked like this (sorry it's blurry).

...staring deep into each other's eyes.

nothing like blogging with a baby on your chest.


so tired.. but still so in love.

he wasn't falling asleep for ANYONE that night.. but mawmaw used her magic on him.

boppy pose.

too close for comfort? sorry peanut.

finally focusing in on his dad... i think he was impressed... or maybe just shocked. HAH.

sleeping in the amby
precious man of mine.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The big life-changing news is HERE.

As of two seconds ago.... Enos got accepted to UOP Dental School in San Francisco... and THAT my friends is where we'll be by mid-June. YAY!!!!!!!!!! Life is so exciting right now.. i swear... nothing happens for a really long time and then POOF!!!.... a baby and a move. YAYA!!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


okay so... i'm really tired right now and don't wanna blog a long list of hilarious, annoying and random things that happened while i was at the hospital.. i'll leave that for a special hospital list i'll call... The Good, The Bad and The Annoying/Ugly.... i'll try and do that tomorrow... as for right now... i'm posting some more pictures from the hospital stay.. and... might i add... i'm doing all of this with the sweetest boy laying on my chest... sleeping...even though enos is really heavy... HAH.. no retard.. i'm talking about lucas!!! Enjoy these pictures until i feel like posting my list... WHICH by the way i made IN the hospital because i didn't wanna forget ANY of the stories i had. k cool. Thanks for all your well wishes and compliments on my little peanut. Again.. i have the coolest family and friends EVER.

Can you tell i've gotten my epidural? YEAH.

pretending to be drunk on oxygen.

i got in trouble SOOOO many times for taking this stupid thing off... even if i was just taking it off to ask a question.. COME ON!

More epidural happiness.


muppet mom and baby.

happy dad.

so tender.. aw.

more drunken fun at the hospital.

the new love in my life.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby Pictures

I stole these great pictures from Enos' sister's blog so I hope she doesn't mind.
Here's my new nephew.

Laughing at the sight of his jolly fun Dad.
(no not really but it's funny, right?)

I love this picture the best! Isn't his skin beautimous? I think his bottom lip looks like Enos'.

This is Tara, Enos' sister. Isn't she totally HOT!!

I love this picture because it reminds me of a picture I once took of Lindsay sleeping on my parents' couch. Only Lindsay and Enos know what picture I'm talking about.

Here's the new mom who will be mad at me when she finds out I put this picture of her on the blog for the world to see! HahHAhahHAhahHahA.

Monday, February 9, 2009

We have BABY

Sorry freaks...I DID go work out, and then I came home and took a bubble bath, and then I went to Target to shop and eat nachos...then I remembered everyone was counting on me so I'm here now.
Lucas Edward Heinzen
Born @ 7:21am
Weight 7lbs 2 oz
Length 19.5 inches
Pushing lasted 40 minutes and Lindsay was told she's a "pro" at birthing.
There WAS rippage and stitches...but only considered a #2 in level of badness.
He has all body parts and the right number of them.
He has black girl hair...dark, kinda sparse and wavy like finger curls.
He is getting cuter post birth and has muppet features.
Lindsay tried boobing immediately after birthing and he has not latched yet but the nurses are supportive and they are encouraging Lindsay to try again even though she doesn't want to.
After birthing and feeding, Lindsay took a nap and Enos fell asleep in his chair with his head back and his mouth open.
Lucas stopped breathing while being bottle fed and turned a blueish color so they are running tests on him now and taking X-rays. All is well, don't freak.

A baby is a' brewin!

It's about 6am in Utah right now and Lindsay is in the hospital getting close to poppin out her little Lucas man. I guess all that "thinkin" (if that's REALLY all her and Enos were doin last night) finally got that baby in exit mode.

She's got an epidural and is feeling great. Last text I received said she was at an 8 (is great). She went to the hospital because she was having some mean contractions about 5 minutes apart that wouldn't let up. Once there, she was at a 2 and the doctor put it in the nurse's hands whether she stay or go home. Lindsay slipped the nurse a $50 and promised her a free blog header so the nurse agreed to let Lindsay stay.

Soon a baby will be born named Lucas Edward Heinzen and all that "thinkin" will have finally paid off. I wonder if "thinkin" means the same thing as "doin laundry". I guess we'll never know.

Posted by her fabulously rich (with kids) sister...Jessica (you know I gotta hook myself up!)

**UPDATE. It's 6:34 (Utah time) and Lindsay is fully dialted and ready to go. They are coming in to set up for delivery and she's still feelin rad. No shakes, no poop pressure...she's good. Next update will be after Lucas is earthly.

Friday, February 6, 2009

..... just thinking....

No baby... *sigh*

Okay so the answer is NO. we haven't had him yet. End of that conversation... i can't stand to talk about it anymore because i'm so irritated. Whatever... okay... as for the life altering news that i told you i'd share in a few more days... i've gotten a lot of worried messages, calls ect. don't worry!!! it's GOOD news... and since you are all poopstains and can't wait... i'll just say it's the final word on where we'll go for dental school. so yeah... that's it. I'll post as SOON as we know. AND i'll also let you know on facebook as soon as the baby thing starts to progress via my facebook status... don't have facebook? honestly..... GET IT! k that's all.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Infamous Belly post....

This is why i get stares everywhere i go... i swear... you'd think people had never seen a pregnant woman before. It's so annoying to get strangers saying... wow.. "you're about ready to pop!"... really? here's what i wish i could do.... well you have a giant zit on your nose!!! or You're face is fat!! (all said with a smile and then whip and point at my belly with both hands like guns... kinda like BOOYAH!) Also... i have to tell you... when i went to get my membranes stripped today i was all worried after all of you turds told me how much it hurt and after reading all the risks... PAH!... risks.. pain.... whatever. It wasn't THAT bad. she finished and i was like... "was that it?" and she's like, "yeah.. .that's it. You did really well." I was thinking... all my life people have told me how low of pain tolerance i have... screw you guys!!! i'm a super hero!!! okay sorry.. i got prideful. but still... i did good! yay!! Hopefully this all means that he'll come before too many days.... like friday or saturday... if not... PLEASE before next wednesday... my doctor goes out of town for a week starting next wednesday... eek.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No... not yet.

I'm assigning my sister on update duty if i go into labor sooo yeah. Nothing has happened yet... still just really roundy. But i HAVE decided to post one last picture of myself tonight when enos gets home so he can take it. So yeah... look forward to that. Also... i'm going to the doctor tomorrow and she's gonna strip my membranes so hopefully things progress from there. HOPEFULLY!!! The uncomfortable has become so routine that it's actually not bothering me a whole lot... i'm just working on being relaxed. OH and also... there is ANOTHER big life changing announcement that i'll have for next week.. but i don't wanna get my/your hopes up so i won't even mention what it is until it actually happens... IF it happens. Okay... that's all. until tonight...