Friday, November 23, 2007

Our New Camera

Enos and i just bought the Canon Powershot and we LOVE'll be seeing a lot more pictures of us (don't judge us based on this picture i posted... my eyes hurt really bad and enos was kinda BLAH about taking pictures)... AND videos of us as well (that is, when i figure out what program to resize the videos in, help?) We set up Christmas today as much as we could... since we haven't been married for but 2 christmas' (almost 3 now) we don't have a lot of decor.. but soon... very soon (looking around plotting-ly) Here's what we DID do... also, i made the tree skirt, it was really fun... The one eyed monster is one of our ornaments... I made that too.. i plan to make more, i like having a monster tree.. it feels homey. HA.

I told enos we needed more red beads with buttons... he refused to believe me until we put them on and they weren't long enough... We are going back to the store for more... (i win)

Friday, November 16, 2007


Well...i've just had this on my mind for a while because Jessica adopted Miah and he is such an automatic part of our family...I wanted to know if it was right for Enos and I. So i decided to go to an enrichment activity where a former member of our ward spoke to about 9 of us about adoption and how they adopted their son...It was such a tender story and i felt connected to them because her name was Lindsey (yes an E, i asked) her mom liked the name because of Lindsay Wagner, same with me and then to top it all off.. her husband was a tall and chubby sweet man...kinda like mine. :) So i listened to their story and by the end i was amazed at how much people will go through to do the will of the Lord. These people, like my sister and her husband, struggled with a lot of hopeful adoptions but no success, until finally...there was. The difference with these people is that the husband was infertile and went through the grief and sadness with not being able to bare their own children. It was really interesting to listen to their story...In the end i think i gained a testimony of the path of adoption for those who have the need and will and desire to adopt. It is a beautiful thing. I just didn't feel influenced personally to adopt (i don't think i'm strong enough to go through that). But i am a very big supporter of adoption and the joy it can bring. Though it may be a hard choice for the young unmarried mother, it may be the right one. I guess that's really all i have to say about that... i don't really know what else to was just on my mind. I hope i don't offend anyone by what i've said. Here's a picture of Lindsey and her husband Josh who adopted Tyson. If you want to read more about their adoption go to

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Crazy people with guns and knives

So the guys i work with are kinda hard core about hunting and living a manly life so i thought i'd post something that i thought was pretty amazing that a couple of them did for what i'll call "kicks and giggles."

Hi... my name is Cow. I live in---

"Not anymore you don't. I'm man. I eat you."

Goodbye cow. You'll be tasty in my belly.

There's something Da Vinci about this picture. Yes?

My friend Mik....who looks WAY too happy next to Cow's leg.

Here they are slicing his leggy up and taking out the bone.

Mik with the femur bone. Jessica, here is a visual for your cow bone story. Isn't it huge and scary?

I think Mik told me they cut up this cow for 3 hours to separate the meat for all the families that went in on the purchase of the cow. That's my work friend, Ammon in the black shirt.

So as you can tell... preparing meat is a bit more complicated and intense than one would imagine. Think about that next time you visit your butcher and simply stick your money out in exchange for a slab of this nature-ly goodness. That is all.. Enjoy the goriness of these pictures. (you especially jessica)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Welcome to the Hin Heinzen Family Blog

Welp... after much deliberation, Enos and I have decided to create a Hin Heinzen Family Blog and separate the happenings in our life from my art...cuz.. ya know... it's not all about me. HA. (yeah right.) Anywho... we'll be updating this blog as our family blog and post pictures and whatnot and report on our lives and the happenings... Yes i realize i have way too many blogs.. get over it.