Tuesday, December 21, 2010

take it off, tuesdays

i know, i know... i'm a day late.. but texas time is weird and blends together so i forgot.

HAH.. i just realized it IS actually tuesday.. i'm not late.. but see? time still blends together.

cousins on a tabletop.

louie stacking cylinders of food.. this was RIGHT before it fell.. did i mention he did this without ANY assistance? yeah. he's gonna be an engineer.

why is he so happy you ask?
...because he's driving a monster truck with his cousin.

i think guppy was a little sick from lucas' bumpy driving... let's hope this does not foretell their futures.. *shivers*

guppy just bein' guppy.

whenever they are quiet... you KNOW something bad is happening...

and lastly.. this beautiful little lady. who is she? oh.. just my mother-in-law. We dropped off enos' grandma at home and i saw it. isn't it so sweet?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

and now a word from our sponsor...

loading the missile launcher on the spaceship
whole heartedly riding his bike.

checking out his new ride...
... Grandma's house: the only place a boy can truly be himself.

it's official...

... we're the heinzens. it says so on our wreath.