Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Awesomenesses

starting my collection for next year's ROADKILL contest...what beauts.

a long lost graduation picture worth noting.


King Louie.

if you had talked to lucas online and was going to meet him for the first time in person you can bet he would say, "i'll be the guy with a sock in my mouth."

do you like his Dwight hair in this one?
he is not without a sock for more than a few hours a day... so i figured i better document the FOLLOWING.

lucas... with Mr. Cow Buddy and FroZone

... looking too old for a mother to be comfortable with.

White Coat Ceremony

Let's take a moment to recognize the handsomest guy i love. HAH

and his study buddies...
for going from this...

to THIS!!! OW! hot-NESS
i wanna take this moment to thank all the cool girls who did so much for me while last year was giving me migraines.

like my WONDERFUL next door neighbor... Rachel (doesn't she glow? that's because she's pregnant... with TWINS!!) and her AWESOMELY stached out husband, Brandon.. don't worry.. we DO give him a hard time for having that thing. ;)

let's also recognize the RAD women who got them through it....
(stacy where the heck were you!??!)
laura, tiffany, moi and rachel
hey.. let's pretend we fit in their giant coats? don't worry.. if we had special coats you can BET they wouldn't fit in them either. (i see you there alanna!)

Way to go Turkey Birds. Love you Enos!!!

"and the heinzens... who are NOT dead"

so.. yeah.. we've been busy. shut it.

This tower was brought to you by Jade Danielson. isn't she brilliant? yes i know.

and now... the events that have transpired...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dentist-ness... it's in his blood.

cousins don't let cousins be wusses.

what who? your kevin tattoo!!!

So apparently, if you ask your friends to help you accomplish your goals... they will do ANYTHING for you. Let's take one, Amy Bruderer. We used to work at the same failing game company in utah. Therefore, we were bonded for life. Then i was thinking about people.. and stuff and thought.. "i wish someone would tattoo something i drew on them. THAT would be awesome." and then.... i posted on Facebook said request. and out came my magical Amy genie. granting my wish not ONCE but TWICE!!... ahem, i give you.... Kevin. the skin version.

and his cousin, Ernie. I only wish his legs didn't look broken. aww.. poor ernie. he must have suffered a car wreck since i last saw him.

Amy... you ROCK my socks.