Wednesday, June 30, 2010

random pictures from the past few weeks.

enos is on break. we are finally hanging out again. i'm having too much fun
to put these in order. so enjoy random snipets of our adventures. heck yeah!!!

lucas: the fat lipped brotha.

this is what happens when i kid with fat lips... gets a fat lip. the fat has no where to go!!
and because i know you're gonna ask... he got if from taking a nice little tumble on the slide.. it was enos' idea. hah

black and white pic... because it looked terrible in color. HAH

lucas' best friend.... Lucas.

sweet guy.

visiting our friends (but really mine) Lara Jill and Sonita!!

here's what he does when we leave our shoes out.

here's what he does when he sees you caught him.

sneaky and awkward. just the way i like 'im.

my good buddy, Drew who graduated with me in animation.

driving in the car with meeeeee!!!

and hiiiiiiiiim!!!!

and the booooooooy!!!!! (sing all three of our exclamations)

he hid in this cabinet and then realized... "i can't get out!!!" i had to help him.

cuz we are cool and love each other.

cuz two sleeves is just not sexy enough.

the awkward men in my life.

and lastly... angie... lucas' mother. not MY lucas.. the other one.. .from earlier... ya know.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Joseph's Grada-mutation.

we went to stockton this weekend for enos' brother's graduation. it was my favorite graduation ever.... short and on a sunday instead of church. HAH there were only 21 people in his graduating class!! seriously.

enos' little brother... well.. younger at least. how BIG you've gotten since i've known you, bub.

happy to be out of high school.. i concur.

bored... yet supportive.

everyone had these little explodie gun things.. they were AWESOME...

robbie mcmillan didn't think so though.. he was shakin' like a leaf. (yes.. a NEW nickname. like he NEEDS it. ugh. whats wrong with me.)

objects in lens are skinnier than they appear. at least that's what i'm hoping.

my favorite person in the world... minus, like Jesus.
eatin' breakfast. all four generations of 'em.

some of the coolest kids i know.
louie was glad to be done with the graduation.

good job little brother... we love you!!!