Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Speaking of fat....

HERE is the recipe for that Peanut Butter Cake. mmmmmm... i'm gonna have to try it. And yeah.. the lady who runs the website must be a psycho... read her threat on the side about stealing her pictures.. i mean, i'm all for giving credit where it's due but jeez. makes you wet your pants. Mostly just that last line of it.

I'm slowly giving up.

okay... i'm sitting here in my workout clothes and while i SHOULD be working out.. i'm not. Now, WHY you ask? I'm frustrated that's why. I WANT TO PUNCH SOMETHING. I take my measurements every monday to see how my progress is going on losing the baby weight i put on.... i figured if i worked out hardcore 5 days a week and drank shakes for breakfast and lunch while having a healthy dinner that i'd be losing weight like crazy right? Well.. i have been doing this routine for SIX FULL WEEKS people... SIX. and i've lost only THREE FRICKIN POUNDS. oh... and like 2 inches. WOW... lame. and this last week i've lost NOTHING... NOTHING!?!?!??!?!?!? how the HELL did that happen? i'm working out even with a bruised foot!!!! i'm avoiding a sleeping baby!!! what the crap is wrong with my body!?!?! why is it holding on to this weight?!?!! i feel fat and ugly and i hate it. I will never make fun of fat people again. EVER. This is the most depressed and defeated i've ever felt. why do i even try? so that's it. i'm giving up. i'm gonna just be fat. i wanna cry as i type that but i don't know what else to do... SIX WEEKS? i'm not losing ANYTHING substantial. And i'm not just doing some lame workout... i'm doing P90X. and for those of you who don't know what that is... look it up... it's super extreme working out. so yeah... i'm drinking a soda and eating fruit by the foot instead of working out because i'm feeling so defeated....i don't know what to do. that's all.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I want some.

this would be my kitchen...

or maybe this...

this would be my room..

And i'd be eating a slice of this while i sat in these places...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lucas has a new lover.

"mom... this is who i am. I love baby owl."

(making out with baby owl.)

"we're really in love. It's serious."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

on a lighter, more scandally clad note....

check out this new game. oh, you silly japanese.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Home for a kitty named Geoffrey. Know anyone?

So we have a cat that we've had since he was a kitten and we're sad to give him away but we have to. Our new apartment in San Fran won't allow pets and while usually we would just find another place to live... it's freakin' expensive there and this place is a good deal. SOOOOO.... yeah. we have to get rid of our cat.

His Personality
He is a three year old tabby cat with yellowish-green eyes. He's really quirky and funny and likes to run up and down hallways at warp speed. He's a bit like a dog... he loves to chase jingle balls and fuzzy toys and jump up to reach your hands. He's not really into catnip. He likes to talk to (meow at) his stuffed animals and hug on them. he's also pretty good with kids... for those kids that want a dog but whose parents don't want the mess and responsibility that comes with a dog. His front paws are declawed so he has to stay inside but he does really good and we've NEVER had him scratch up furniture or eat plants. He's really good with property. He also does really well if you leave him at home for vacation. We left for a week once and he was able to ration his food realllly well and didn't over eat the big bowl of food we left him. Also, he wasn't mad at us for leaving because he had toys. He does like to playfully bite things but he'll ONLY do it if he's provoked. He does shed in the spring and fall but if you brush him once or twice a week it's not bad at ALL. Oh, and he's had all his shots.

What he comes with...
We are gonna give you everything you need. A litter box (with a dome top to trap in the smell), the rest of his science diet food (he's got a really big bag of it with about half left), both of his food bowls and place mat, all of his toys (you can keep what you want and get rid of the rest... but he really loves his lamby stuffed animal), his kitty bed (which he doesn't really use), the grooming tools we have, including the $30 brush we bought that works WONDERS on his fur (makes it shiny AND makes his shedding very minimal).

What we want....
Nothing... we just want you to love our kitty for the rest of his life. We will miss him very much. If you know anyone who wants this precious cat, leave me a comment!!!

geoffrey as a kitten

sleeping with lucas... he does really well with him.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My little Jarhead

Aunt Jessie keeps giving lucas Marine paraphernalia... i think she's trying to talk him into something.

"but i'm not in good enough shape"

"...and i'm sloppy.."

"i don't wanna go, i'm not brave enough..."

"wait... you mean we get to get really buff and girls will think i'm hot?"

"okay... i'll think about it"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

found battery...aka Family Fun Picture Super Happy TIME!!!!

okay so my camera battery has been missing for the last week. sorry... we finally found it today and so i went crazy and made enos take pictures of me and lucas....

lucas: "yeeeahhh booooww---yyyy!!!"

wow.. .that's so annoying, mother.

enos... why won't you participate... or at least take 100 pictures of your beloved family.

thanks enos. :)

this one is my favorite. :)

ps... sorry this post is on steroids. i don't know why i'm so annoying right now.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cafe Press Shop

Okay... so i've been working on a bunch of shirt designs with cartoons on them (mostly for children and babies because, lets face it, who else would wear them? maybe enos.) but yeah... i'll be putting a shop together on Cafe Press for anyone who wants to order one. I'll do more and more as months go by with girlie designs on them for people like me who like to have really original shirts... but yeah... i'll let you guys know when it's all done and ready for customers... until then... here is a preview of a design that will be available on a onesie and toddler shirt.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jessica Lowe: She's complicated

So my sister came into town on wednesday and we were having a blast every day going to antique stores and all that..... i had SOOOOOO much fun having her here and it made me sad when she had to leave... i just kept thinking how fast her time here went and how i don't laugh like that enough.....i miss living near my sisters. But yeah...since my sister... the one and only Jessica Lowe was in town everyone just had to meet her. Ya know... cuz she is a minor blogging celebrity. HAH. I can't even explain how much fun all of these girls are... i am soooo lucky to be related to them even if super distantly... i mean, hey... we're all sealed to each other some how. :) These are some of the pictures... and while i didn't want to post them because of the fatness of my postbirth body... i'm gonna try and be confident about it since i know it's only temporary....so yeah.... feel good about yourself by looking at a once skinny girl and thank your lucky stars you aren't chubby like her.