Monday, February 28, 2011

tribute to Louie the Great

here's a little recap of the last year with lucas. my favorite little man. :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

take it off, tuesday...

hey.. i'm back! yeah.. back from the dead. i don't know where i go sometimes.. oh well.. without further ado.. Take It Off, Tuesday. Go HERE for details.

i took him to a wonderful place called sports basement where they have a bunch of kid cars that they let the kids drive around with you while you shop. it's so perfect. lucas was in heaven.

lucas often requests for me to put these boots on him that he got for christmas from maw maw and paw paw. I think he's gonna fit in just fine in texas.

only a couple of things will get him relaxin' THIS much.

charlie brown is number ONE on that list.
two of my three favorite men on the planet :)

he loves him some headphones and playing on pawpaw's computer.

he likes to wear combo outfits of his clothes and mine. it really makes him feel big, i think.
one of two things he'll do when you tell him you're taking a picture...

outfit combo #2 of the week. mom's top.

the second thing he does when you tell him you're taking a picture. isn't it creepy? eek.

he was quiet one day and i found him by the window doing this. :)

if you bug me enough, i'll do whatever you ask... if just to explain to you why you "can't fit in your shopping cart!!"
i think he got the point.

ma baby love and me.

ps. see how my hair is back to normal? yay! no more purple!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

bacon... the boy/girl of my dreams.

sooo i guess this kid is real. or so the television monitor in the dr's office told me. i love 'em. :)