Sunday, March 30, 2008

They learned about fish but i learned about pee.

As i've told many of you Enos and I teach sunbeams (3-4 yr olds) at church. Our lesson was "i am thankful for fish." Usually it's a pretty mild mannered group(with the occasional outburst) and today would have been the same... until... olivia #1 ( have two olivia's in my class) said, "i have to go potty." and so immediately olivia #2 had to go too. So i took them both. I've taken them to the bathroom before and everything was okay. They do their thing and then i help them wash their hands. Well today, olivia #1 told me too late... by the time she got to the stall and locked the door... she began peeing before she sat down...suddenly i hear a tiny sweet voice say, "oh no lindsay! I went pee pee on the floor!!" I was like... ew. and OH crap. Right as olivia #2 got out of the bathroom, olivia #1 was telling me how she couldn't get out. Now, if you've ever been in a church bathroom they all have the same locks...the outside has that little slit in it so if you have finger nails you could probably get it open... but this door was quite stuck.... i was going to have her crawl under the door but there was pee all over and she'd have to crawl right through it... so there was only one thing i thought of at the moment... i'm gonna have to clean up that pee. GROSS. Luckily her stall was near the drain on the floor so i took a big wad of paper towels and swept the pee to the drain....occasionally getting pee on my hands as i did so. Olivia #1 watched in horror. She kept saying, "ew. that's really gross." I was like, "yeah... you're right. It is." then once i got it cleaned up enough i crouched under the door and helped olivia #1 out. I was like... "you need to pull up your pants." She just looked at me with a sad expression and said, "i got pee pee all over my tights!" I tried to console her and said, "well, just pull them up for now and you can change as soon as you get home." I remembered having a similar conversation with my mother when i was about 4 and couldn't hold it until we got home.... She pulled them up and them i helped her wash her hands and we went back just in time for her dad to pick her up. WOW. NOT what i thought i'd ever have to do as a sunbeam teacher. I thought her dad would laugh or something when i told him but he just looked at me really strangely and said, oh okay. Weird. Anyway.. that's my story. I'm sorry i didn't tell it better.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why i hate Enos sometimes.

.....he wears shirts with giant holes in them (even when he promises me that they'll only be worn "around the house") BUTT.

(Enos with his friends, Fredrick and Alan at school)

Llama Love

It's Choose To Give week at BYU and Enos' college (Life Sciences) wanted to make an impact. Something that would bring people from all over campus to give back to the school that so dearly accepted them and shaped their young lives. What could get people to donate to such a worthy cause? That's right people, a couple of llamas.


llama R.O.T.C. (enos' friend, Fredrick)

liken the turkey on rye... llama on nerd.

Our friend, Tim.

The Chubby Chatter.

welp, most of you know i spoke at my graduation 3 years ago.... and now my twin husband is speaking at HIS this April!!! WAY TO GO BOTTOM!!.... (that's what i call him) Just thought you all should know how wonderful and fantastic he is. (yes i know those words mean the same thing but he deserves them both don't know ENOS like i do!!) He told the interviewer that he "wasn't a very good speaker" but apparently the interviewer heard something like this, "I heart BYU and need to talk at graduation because i ROCK." well "your you go." (

Monday, March 24, 2008

What's this? Oh look a job for me.

So (drumroll please).... Tomorrow i will be starting my new job at a gaming company called Sensory Sweep as a 2d artist for the games. It appears that my dream to draw all day is beginning to materialize. YAY! That's all. I'll let you know how the first day goes and if i have an anxiety attack or not (because it seems to be a trend on my first day of work anywhere). But i think if i anticipate it, then maybe it won't creep up on me and make me pee my pants. Thank you all for the support and well wishes. You guys are great :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

"Let's have a round of meltdowns for the house!"

Though a meltdown sounds like a delicious melty, cheesy sandwich... well.. i guess in a way it is... anywho... I must make an official statement on the seemingly increasing amount of meltdowns going on within me and around me. Here's my list... enos, jessica, janae, andrew, mica, tara, bill, mom, dad, geoffrey. WOW. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or like dying... just remember this short list of KNOWN meltdowns in your area. You are NOT alone. This fact might make you more depressed but what it should do is let you know that as they say on high school musical... "we're all in this together"... but not really... we're all very alone. HA! Just joking. God's there, somewhere.

Big Girl, you ARE beautiful

So one of my favorite songs right now is called "big girl (you are beautiful) by Mika (that's mee-kah) It makes you wanna dance like a nerd...AND it reminds me of enos and how he loves pizza and diet coke. :) Just click on the big, beautiful woman for the video...(p.s. NEVER EVER type "big girls" into a google search unless it's on a STRICT filter....phew)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why i'm the best friend EVER...oh yeah... and happy birthday janae. HA

....because i made Janae this AWESOME apron that she can hang somewhere and never use like i do with mine!!!..but hey... she'll look cool doing it.

the cute journal i got her.

the sweet paper it had inside.

Watch out.

...Geoffrey's on the lose and he's looking for YOU.
(enos took this picture and i felt like it needed a caption.)

Sexiest Object on earth...

Okay... maybe not the SEXIEST object but at LEAST in the top (drumroll)... the coke bottle. I mean, come on... look at those curves!! That's all... just a random thought as i enjoyed my 98 cent Mexican coke...ahhh... it's the only coke i'll drink.

Staci's Baby Shower

So this past weekend (as many of you know) Mica, Matt and I traveled to yonder land of Saint George where I saw for my first time... polys... or polygamists. WEIRD. But we didn't go there for that... (though i probably would have)....we went to Staci's baby shower. To make her feel less pregnant, Mica and i made these lovely baby bumps for a few of the girls... they were very cozy but i just looked fat. At least now i know... i cannot be cute pregnant (shut up every ONE of you! I know what i can and cannot be!!!) anyway.. here are some pictures from the trip.

Yes... those boobs are fake... for the real thing see Jessica Lowe.

Mica... you're not supposed to drink when you're pregnant.

Staci, the only REAL pregant person and Stephanie

Mica's haircutting disaster..

Well... if you're like most people you probably occasionally cut your own hair when it's too long until your next appointment and you feel like you are going to die. Sadly, this happened to Mica repeatedly for months now. She doesn't normally cut her own hair but i guess the stress of getting married and going to school and being, well... Mica... got to her. It reduced her to a Mon Chi Chi. If you don't know what that is... see Here (as he freestyle plays the drums). Here she sits in my bathroom before i tried to even things out... just go to Shep, Mica honestly... he needs to cut your hair (and mine too, ew.)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

South Americans think gnomes are terrifying

This is a funny little video taken by some guys who had just gone fishing and were talking about their trip and making jokes and things... and then what should surprise them but the most terrifying thing on earth!!!!....a gnome? the funniest part is the scream at the end...take a look HERE

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Geoffrey Pooh

So.. i hate people that talk about their animals like they are people... mostly when they don't have kids because they are selfish but you can tell they want kids so they treat their animals like children. Well.. i've, sadly, turned into one of THOSE.

Sometimes Geoffrey gets really brave and stands on the edge of the ironing board like so.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Story of Menstruation

I happened upon this video after checking stuff out on snopes.. It was produced by Disney in 1946 and it's pretty funny. Check it out HERE.