Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dear First Customer,

Dear First Customer,
you're wonderful. you made my weekend :) i'm so glad you like my creations enough to buy them... TWO in fact. You give me confidence in myself. Thanks.

The Chubby Penguins Store Owner

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's August in October.

Jessica, my sister had her baby, August Lyn Lowe today. He's a pretty sweet little guy with fabulous hair! take a look! yay jessica!!! no drugs!!! (i certainly couldn't do it)

It's official.....I have my Etsy Shop.

welp.. i think i'm a real housewife now.. i've got an etsy store and everything. HAH... for those of you who are just TOTALLY clueless... etsy is a place to buy handmade things that people, like me and tara and stephanie, make. So yeah... i created a line of onesies i call Baby Thoughts. Just simple drawings of things i can see babies thinking. Check it out if you feel so inclined :)


oh, and wish me luck! (not really... i don't wanna get a whole bunch of comments that all say good luck! how lame, right? hah)

More nuts anyone?

i know i know... all i post are PICNIK-ed pictures of lucas. shut up. i'm a house wife!!! whatta ya want from me!! :) i took some of these during our photoshoot for my etsy store.. and by photoshoot i mean my crappily taken pictures.

hey.. .at least i got one picture of the cousins in here.. it SUCKS cuz it was taken with my phone but... whatever...

he loved these headphones, geez he has a big noggin.. i had him listening to Ben Folds..he sat on my lap just listening while i worked. it was wonderful. he really likes music.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

it's break-fast TIME!...

i swear.. EVERY time i take pictures of him he's ALWAYS in this outfit!!! i promise he doesn't wear this as much as my pictures say. luckily, most of it's covered up because of the ginormous blanket i have around his neck.. which is why i thought he was funny and took pictures. he looks like some old man getting his hair cut at the barbers or something. Remember that part on Peter Pan where Shmee is shaving the captain's face? it always made me uncomfortable when he shaved that seagulls butt.... sorry.. tangent. enjoy!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Penguins really DO stand ALONE.

Remember my little Cafe Press shop, Chubby Penguins??? sooo, i'm not getting any business ... like i haven't sold ONE item.... NO i'm not asking you to buy something... BUT i do want your ideas of things to sell in there that people would buy. What appeals to you? What would YOU buy? Maybe i should sell them somewhere different like etsy? tell me!!!! k cool! thanks for your ideas ahead of time!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our costumes...

they are as the new blog header indicates. :) that is... unless we get our box of costumes back from matt and mica.. in which case we'll ALL be bumble bees.



okay okay ... listen up... these are our costumes....

Lucas- Bumble Bee... why? because it was on sale and we have NO money. don't worry sheriece... next year will be much better... though i must say... he looks so cute in his costume i could eat him.

Me- Bumble Bee... or as pictured above... Van Gogh.. with missing ear and all.

Enos- Bumble Bee... or a crazy toothed hillbilly (he made a set of disgusting teeth in class, remember "arts and crafts class"? same one.)

SIDENOTE: i'm surprised we haven't died today... the airplanes in our area are flying so FREAKIN' low right now it sounds like they are in the apartment upstairs. It's kinda like that feeling you get when you drive into a covered garage.. you keep feeling like your top is gonna scrape against the roof... but instead of a roof maybe sharp razor blades... and lets say your in a tall convertible. yes. scary. sorry i don't make any sense.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

12 things that make me happy.

My friend angie dell made a list of 25 things that made her happy and i liked it so much i'm copying the idea. i'm only doing twelve because 12 is my favorite number.... and i don't want you to get bored reading. hah.

1. babies named lucas
2. catching up on our tivoed shows together. (enos)
3. lucas' famous tucked bottom lip expression.
4. comments from friends on facebook who i haven't seen in YEARS but still feel connected to
5. running with people i love
6. talking to my sister on the phone for 45 minutes about nothing.... but still laughing really hard.
7. the gospel of jesus christ
8. reading friends' and families' blogs
9. hearing the ocean from my living room
10. weird people
11. tara's secret chocolate stashes
12. HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

In the ghettooooo.....

okay.. so i'm finally back from my two weeks in Stockton. Here are some LOVERLY pictures and videos that about sum up the trip.. gosh i love my inlaws (but miss MY side too).

Let me introduce....
Donald Fingerman... (aka mica's pinkies with boots on)

this is what HAPPENS when we don't really have a whole lot to do at night....

but THIS was the big event of the week :) GO LUCAS!!!
(sorry i didn't capture it AT their house.. so i had him reinact it today at home)