Friday, June 26, 2009

June 24th, 2005... a day of love.... i mean, foood.

So... this past wednesday was enos' and my anniversary... we are really busy with moving but we still wanted to do something special.. besides the MOST special thing. HAH... awkward. Anyway... we decided that since we are both lovers of fine food we would go to a really amazing restaurant and spend the money we might spend on gifts on a freakin' awesome meal instead and pretend we were rich. So we did.... we went to this place...

These aren't pictures of things we actually got....Enos wouldn't let me take pictures of the plates because it was tacky... i know.. it was.. but still... you should have seen our meals...ahhh...mmmm....There were times while i was eating that i almost screamed. It was THAT good. We got a sampler of appetizers, two entres and then shared a dessert... it was so BLOODY delicious... i love food. So yeah.. we decided to do this instead of getting each other presents because we aren't really big on gifts. We did get each other cards though... and enos bought me the coolest flowers. They were the colors of our wedding. :) See below in the next post. (i'd take another picture of them.. but my camera battery just died).... I love you Enos!!! Thanks for being the best husband EVER.

Gifts glorious Gifts!!

Sooo...i lied.... i decided to make time to post about these two wonderful HANDMADE gifts i got from family members....


Ugh. I've actually had this gift for... what? Two months? and i've been meaning to blog about it but i kept forgetting. My sister (in law), Tara, made this AWESOME diaper bag for me after i saw a $500 one in the store and wanted it really bad but that's just DUMB to pay that much for a diaper bag with all the crap it'll go through, plus i'm poor. HAH. We went back to the store together and she took down measurements for it and then we talked about different designs for things and then went to pick out what fabric to use. I'm understanding why this bag was REASONABLY priced at $500 now... WOW... it took Tara SOOO much work to make this bag... and i can't tell you how much i love it!!!

(ps. those are flowers enos got me for our anniversary.) i'll post about that later.

It's got separate sides... one side for me and the other for lucas.

it's got a RAD matching changing pad... done with a plastic cover for easy clean up...

and it's got little detailed pockets... GENIUS. Thanks tara.. you know i love it. :)


Okay.. i just got this item yesterday and it's not really a gift for me but i feel like it is because it's one of my designs come to life... These two lovely ladies (Aunt Nana and Aunt Momo) made a blanket for lucas.

They asked me what animal to make for him and i said, "oh just do an owl.... he likes his owls." And then later my mom forced me to make a design for a monster instead since that was REALLY his theme. Thanks mother!!!! and so... here's the design...

and here's the final product...

Go ahead... say it.... You're jealous.... HAH. I'm in LOVE with it. You guys are the best aunts EVER... and the silliest.

Oh... and i got the blanket after traveling with a cat and a boy to texas and then back (minus the geoffrey) all in one day... on PLANES..ugh. Here are some more random pictures i wanted to post.

and these precious, dainty baby toes... i call them... FREE-Toes... cuz they are free from socks.

No amber... not bored... BUSY!

The weird video i posted was ACTUALLY on my friend's blog as an easter egg.. i found it.. and was GREATLY rewarded. anywho...

i'm really too busy to post again until i move.... but here are some upcoming posts....

-GNO (girl's night out) again
-AWESOME handmade diaper bag
-coolest blanket EVER
-a day at the airport
-the big move

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I know everyone is sad by the death of Michael Jackson... but i THINK he may have a replacement..... Check out THIS video.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"So." "So what?" no... SO!

My friend So came into town to visit and we had a blast! i forced her and lara jill to go to the golfing range because i was nostalgic and was feeling sports-y. Lucas had a tired blast. he was so worn out but i forced him to go places because i wanted to continue to hang out with them. LOVE YOU GUYS!!! and thanks SOOOOOO much for coming into town So. :)

Two stories about TWO cute short chubbies...

Chubby Number 1: Lucas.

today we took this guy to the vet....

...and while we were there Lucas saw a cute nurse...
(imagine this girl with a british accent and a NORMAL hair cut)

he was so enamored that he grinned the WHOLE time she was in the room but she was too busy talking about geoffrey to notice the little lover boy checking her out.

then once she left i go, "did you like that nurse lucas? she was CUTE wasn't she.."
and he got red and giggled really loud. PRECIOUS.

Then... Chubby Number 2:

This kid..

this is a chubby little mexican boy that lives in our apartment complex...this picture doesn't do him justice... he is SOOO round. i love him. He RUNS around the complex inbetween cars.. i have NO idea how he is so chubby when he is so active. Here is a picture of him (sorry it sucks, i'm working on getting a good one)... powering as FAST as he can on a razor scooter... which is pretty darn fast. i almost peed my pants watching him.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My New Lover

So.. i fell in love today with someone new... he's black and stylish and he's got all my favorite music and pictures.....his name is Palm Pre. *sigh*

ps. it's true... once you go black.. you'll never go back.

Lucas' Cartoon Debut

So he has this new trick....

...i couldn't get him to do it on video... so until i do.. THIS will have to do. Enjoy!

Summer.... HAH.

Friday, June 12, 2009

What's been going on at OUR house.....

...and yes.. he really has the swine flu
but NO it's not as bad as people think... it's less trouble than the ACTUAL flu....

(but i still didn't want lucas getting sick..)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who? Oh.. that's Nana.. Geoffrey's Temp Mommy

Welp... we don't have to worry about Geoffrey any more! i mean.. at least not for 3 years. he'll be going to kitty college in Texas at my aunt Nana's place. He'll room with some of the sassiest kitties around even NAMED Sassy. so yeah.. there ya go. :) THanks Nana!!! you're the best!!! Lucas and i make the trip down there in two weeks.

Geoffrey dreaming of Kitty College.

You've got questions...

I've got are some answers to questions you people asked me in comments...

1. What am i doing with Geoffrey if we can't find him a home?

A: Humane Society drop off. :/

2.Did i do that 5 minute cartoon?

A: heck no!!! you know how LONG that would take? yeah... not easy. Plus.. if i DID do it... don't you think i'd be talkin' it up and plastering my name all over it? you bet... i'm vain that way.

3.Who knew i wasn't cool enough to have engagement pictures like that?

A: everyone. i'm really lame... thanks for reminding me, Janae.

4.Is Peanut his official nickname?

A: you BET it is! i probably call him that more than i call him Lucas


A: yes.. i came up with that word... i made the noise and sounded it out. :) i think i'll use it more often... and you are welcome to too

6. Are those fishes for Geoffrey to eat?

A: no.. he's more of a chicken guy.

6. Is that all the questions (to myself)?

A: yes...i guess it is... i'm not as mysterious as i'd hoped. aw.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm sick of looking at geoffrey's face on here... i had to post something new. Ugh.. it just was making me so mad. (And i heard some of you felt the same yeah... i'm not the biggest fan of cats either) (this is just a design i'm gonna do for the onesies i'll sell soon)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just so you know....

Geoffrey has been crying all night long because, "nobody wants me." So yes... feel guilty, those who live in utah. You're giving a kitty low self esteem because you "can't" take him.... and yes, i'm aware that most of you "hate cats... blah blah blah". i know. Just thought i'd try and make you feel guilty. I can do that... after all... how will i become a good mother without making people feel guilty right? HAH

Monday, June 8, 2009

This little place i found...

A cute 5 min. Fairy Tale.

If you're interested... and like cartoons... The Pumpkin of Nyefar

Laundry Loving Family.

Four years ago when Enos and i got married we had the photographer take our picture in the laundry mat... cuz i thought it would be cool. IT was. HAH... THEN when we got married we were late to our pre-reception lunch because we were doing laundry.. though everyone in our family thought we were doing "laundry"... no.. just REAL laundry. Anyway... as homage to that joke.. i had Lucas do a laundry photo session... he's what happens when you do a LOT of "laundry" i suppose. (ignore the fact that my photos don't look NEARLY as good as our engagement ones... you know i'm not a photographer! sheesh!)

p.s. I love my new found friend as much as i love and use photoshop.. i can't seem to use it to edit photos worth CRAP. this just makes it SOOO much easier.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Soo... did you see my new header?

yeah.. that's it. just excited... we're leaving the weekend of the 28th. :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Peanut: The boy with many faces

k... i did the dishes.

m' boy.

And now for another exerpt of... Emotions.. starring Peanut Heinzen.

".. and i was like... WOW THIS IS EXCITING!..."

"no.. i got my fingers... i'm good."

"well of COURSE i love you...."

"firstly.. because you are wonderful..."

"...just please never leave me!!!!"

The end.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Owl Art

I did these owls to replace the crappy art i had over the sink previously.. i WOULD show you the whole thing... but alas... i didn't want to expose my dirty dishes. ew.

Monday, June 1, 2009

memorial day pics...

lucas patrick dell.
Lucas Edward Heinzen.

lucai united.

purposefully awkward number 01
purposefully awkward number 02

fun at the picnic was had... and so was a whole lot of long boarding experimentation.