Monday, September 28, 2009

Aren't you so excited!??! favorite holiday is just around the corner :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bored with my blog.

Yeah i know that it's nothing new that i haven't posted for a week but i just wanted to let you know i was out of town.. AND i'll be out of town this next week too but hopefully i'll have pictures during or right after my trip... nothin' special... just going to the heinzen's to hang out with Mica and Matt and Tara and the kids and the little brothers... i love my family!!

ps... this is just some random baby... he was on the first page as i googled "BORED". so yeah.. freaky that i can just put some person's kid on my blog...isn't it? yeah.. i thought so too but it didn't stop me from doing it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Say hello to my little friend

my sweet husband has an (for lack of a better explanation).."arts and crafts class" in dental school where they learn the basics of techniques they'll need in their practice. On this particular assignment they were supposed to make something out of sterling silver... so naturally.. most husbands made rings for their wives... but i asked enos for something EXTRA special.... a skull keychain... i designed it... he made it. Thanks Enos. i love you :) and i love my new little friend too.

***UPDATE*** enos wanted me to tell all of you that it's actually Silver silver.. not sterling... it's made out of wax first and then he casted it in plaster and then poured the molten silver into that. so yeah... that's how they make gold and silver crowns.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

mom and nut.

the nut and i had a fun little photo session today because we were bored. thanks to grandma alex for the ADORABLE bibs she sent!!!! and pardon our tired eyes... we're both sick.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sometimes you feel like a Nut.....

.....of course.. then again sometimes you don't... too bad. you're gettin' a Nut.

We bought him this "Exersaucer" as other mothers have informed me it's called. as ugly and big as it is and as badly as i wanted to reFUSE to get one because of it's aesthetical hideousness (like my madeup word?) ... i love it, he loves it. we're all happy. Bounce away my little one... bounce away.

"i'm so tired... but i need to keep on bouncing... bouncing.....(fade out to black)"

this is him eating green beans.. the first time he did it it was MUCH funnier.. but alas.. he is inconsistent in his hatred for them.. i think it's because we were laughing at him.. he likes attention... just like his mother.

one day before we left the house...

i just had to take these because he looked like a little golfer.

"no it's cool if you wanna play through... i'm kinda bad at golf"

"just go ahead would ya?... you're giving me anxiety!!"

(do you like my secret foot in the corner? me too)


the boys (minus lucas.. poor guy slept a lot)

the girls (look at them WORK the camera)

i guess they learned it from their mothers.
(me, stacy, rachel)

rachel and audrey (lucas' girlfriend of the moment)

the coolest part of the zoo. he got SO close i could touch him. except for the glass in our way... *sigh*.. nothing will stop our love Bear... not even plexi-glass

Have i left you for long enough?

first off... lucas and i went to the zoo on free SF residents day with our new friends... these are some of the children that i've come to love. and this is one of half of their mothers. does that make any sense? what i mean is.. these arent all her kids.

while we were there we saw this little friend. he came out of his "pin" and ate lunch with us and the stupid ugly seagulls.. yes i know.. they are all god's creatures... i just hate seagulls.. but less than pigeons.

k.. i also bought two of these potholders for my little kitchen. i found 'em on etsy.. i love 'em!!.. they don't match my kitchen at all (green and owls) but i didn't care.. they were speaking to me.

this is the broken heart painted on the sidewalk that i pass on the days i don't run early on the beach. It's about halfway through my jog and it motivates me. it's like, "if toby can do it, so can i!!!" of course... that's assuming toby didn't cry himself to sleep every night because he COULDN'T do it... poor guy. i hope he's okay whoever he is. plus it makes me laugh a little because i picture this guy drawing it...

and i've saved the best for last...

remember the chubby mexican i wrote about who would ride his scooter at warp speeds down the sidewalk in our apt complex in West Jordan? as we were packing up the last of our stuff guess who should show up, scooter and all!!! i couldn't resist.. i pretended to get a picture of eddie so i could remember this kid who always made me laugh about living in ghetto apartments. i'll miss you chubby kid. ps. i may have already posted this but i couldn't remember so i'm posting it again just in case.

can't you tell how weirded out he is? HAH.

okay... i guess that's it. i promise i'll be better about posting.