Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Christmas Goodies...

Here are a couple of funny videos/pictures that i thought you should see... go ahead... make fun of enos. and for those of you who asked... Yes, mica really IS engaged.

Here's Josh super overwhelmed by the amazing double barrel shot gun we bought for him. (no not really... he was quite apathetic...) Everyone else thought it was cool though because the shells actually pop out after you are done shooting it. AWESOME.
Here's happy Jade, i love happy jade. :)

This is the secret sculpture that enos made me for Christmas...yes, he IS talented...

Here's Geoffrey doing his "i'm possessed and going to kill you" stare... Isn't it creepy? The camera lens reflected his eyes and made them glow. This gave me chills. See... cats ARE evil!!!

Our last moments together...

One last picture in the ol' sweatshirt.

Jade playing with Geoffrey.

Why being the dominant species ROCKS. I love making animals look dumb.

This is the family portrait that i've been procrastinating for THREE, yes THREE christmas's . Thank goodness my medicine helped my anxiety and i was able to finish it. YAY!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas with the Heinzen's

Sooo Christmas is over and i've got a LOAD of things to tell you...First off, since enos and i stayed here in utah we were able to have a white christmas (something i've never had). And because we all wanted to be together on Christmas Day... the whole family spent the night xmas eve (every ONE of us) at Tara's camping out in various rooms and all huddled together on the floor. Even though our air mattress deflated comPLETELY and we got a HORRIBLE night's sleep... we were still glad we did it because we got to all have breakfast as a family and then go sledding at a deathly steep hill... So steep in fact that when i saw the hill i made the comment, "well... someone's gonna break SOMETHING." just as some man ran past me in a hurry and said, "Yep, that's exactly what happened." I looked down the hill and saw two parents carrying a limping girl out of the snow... WOW. I was scared to death... but i went anyway... and got a bruised cheek (not noticeable but definately FEEL-able). After that we all went back and watched movies and took naps. The kids all watched The Simpsons Movie together, i love that movie. Then we waited and waited and waited... and FINALLY got to eat dinner, open presents and read the christmas story outloud together which is a first for me since... well.. since i was about five years old. We finished around 9 or 10 and then all said our goodbyes and went home. I'm glad that my first christmas away from my family wasn't depressing... I really needed some happiness about now. Thanks Heinzens!!!

Mama Heinzen in what she called "Santa's Workshop"

The band....they were okay. ha.

Bored at Dinner (Matt, Mica and Lindsay Production)

WOW...that's big...Nice job mica...okay, the diamond isn't real, it's a called an Artic Crystal or something like that..still though, very pretty.

The kids with their presents in the wee hours


Sledding is fun...but illegal.

Oh well.. it won't stop THIS couple
Or anyone here for that matter.

The whole gang who came, minus ron behind the camera.

Blinded by the ice.
Enos couldn't make it down the hill... he got slowed down. hehe, wonder why?
Bill, Ron and Joseph in the worst fall of the day.
Free as a bird, Matt. What a goober.
Best time down EVER.
Enos, pre- getting hit by that inner tube girl going down fast.

Hamburger and his tiny present. :)
they were like this ALLLLL the time. SHEESH.
Joseph and i during the nativity reading....bored? naw!!! drunk? maybe.
Don't DO IT EDDIE!!!
Gingerbread made by me, enos, jade and josh... the children took over.Joseph taking up too much memory on the camera.

Mica....too excited.

the end...of the year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Old Videos

These are just some videos we had made when we first got our camera...
I'll post more as we make more... I like to video weird people (when they can't see me).
We are weird like that...

Our First Video with the camera

There was this emo "couple" behind us that was really funny... we later noticed at a different stoplight that they were both GIRLS... i was dumbfounded. It didn't really turn out, i guess that defeats the purpose of showing the video but i'm just too excited about learning how to post videos that i don't care. Deal with it.

This is the first snow video i made on the way to church.
Do you like my fake camera voice? HAHA, i'm lame.

Human Experiments...

So enos has this project in his sculpture class where he had to build a piece that is interactive with people...What does this mean....well... it means that in some way, he had to build something that people would touch or relate to... yeah, i didn't understand really until he told me what he was going to do... He built a doorway and put "ENTER" above it... Then, he set it in a high traffic area at BYU to see if people would walk through it... weird thing... not ONE GIRL walked through it... NOT ONE!!... if you can tell in one of the girl looks like she really wants to walk through it but is afraid...I don't really know what that says about people but... it was an interesting experiment... it makes me wanna do more things like that... just to see how people react. The best person to walk through it were two guys who raised their arms triumphantly as they passed through it... Sadly, it happened too quickly for me to get a picture...but it was really funny. Enjoy the pictures, i've also posted a video of Enos' cousin Angelina walking through the doorway. She just happened to be in that part of campus when we were setting up. She wanted to help out and was the only girl to walk through because we told her too. I don't know why i thought it was so funny.. i guess because she was so eager...Also, i posted some pictures of the rest of enos' sculpture pieces... Pretty talented husband i have... I'm impressed by him all the time.

See how she gazes longingly at it?

I love this picture because it's the same girl but two other curious bystanders are by her side.

this skull is made out of BRONZE... he left it dirty looking because it fits the subject matter.

This is his glass sculpture... thats a tree carved into it.

This one is my favorite... it's marble with wire rapped around it. I just love the simple shape of it. It makes you wanna touch it, yes?

New Happenings in the Home...

Well...everything always seems to come to a head when the holidays roll around. Our first Christmas we had NO money or jobs and were really anxious for me to get a job working in my field....Last year i quit my job with hopes of a new and better job working at Sandman Studios.....and this year i was laid off from Sandman because the company was losing money and couldn't afford everyone...Two of my friends got canned as well. Sandman said it might only be temporary but i'm not getting my hopes up... i'm gonna start looking for something new. It's really sad because i looooove the people i worked with. They were like my brothers. But i guess things change and people move least since i've been living here in Utah that's how it works...I just wanted everyone to know about my unemployment because i know you guys love and care for me and enos and i just didnt want you to find out some other way. We're doing fine though and there's no hard feelings about it... we're just being humbled i think. It really helps a person re-evaluate their life and what direction they want to go in... I have yet to decide if i'm going to jump into doing freelance fulltime or if i should continue to do animation elsewhere...Enos and i are really praying hard about all of this... anyway... ON A MUCH LIGHTER NOTE....

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Merry Christmas from the Heinzen's!!!

Soo... we may or may not print this up and send it to our friends... i want to ... but i'm pretty lazy. so who knows... but at least my blog friends and family see it, right? Maybe i'll just email it to everyone on my list..feel free to print it up and hang it on your fridge... yeah.. i don't think i'll be sending this out... i AM too lazy.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Enos' art project

So enos has this class called history of creativity and he likes it (no not really). Anyway, for his final project he had to make a piece that represents some aspect of roman architecture. He chose the arch and to use it as a symbol of triumph... like a trophy kinda... well... it would have been a swell idea if he hadn't procrastinated and ended up doing it 12 hours before it was i would care right? except for the fact that he needed some DRAWINGS on the arch...damn you enos....we ended up BOTH staying up wayyyyy past human hours. Good thing i love that man more than anything....good thing. (it's a trophy for someone winning an eating contest.)

who me, procrastinate?

even geoffrey went to bed before us.

My last spend the night...

Sonita and i have been friends since our freshman year in college... but she leaves utah on saturday and moves back to minnesota... so for our last hurrah we had a small party and i spent the night... yes i know i'm married...(for more reasons to hate me... see i love you So and i'll miss having you around...You were there through all the rough spots and made me laugh like i never had before... i will miss you SOOOOOOOOO much...don't forget all the great times we had...but feel free to forget that period when we weren't speaking very you!

Freshmen...silly freshman...yes my hair is BLONDE (ew.)
ps. keep your eye on So's outfit... it's her favorite sweatshirt...both of them i guess.

too high of a eyeballs hurt from this...

beatin' the PANTS off of everyone at Mario Kart.

whoo's that ladddy? (singing)

Making pizzas on our last night :(

notice anything strange? yep, the sweatshirt. well, that and the fact that So's head looks detached from her body...haha