Tuesday, December 21, 2010

take it off, tuesdays

i know, i know... i'm a day late.. but texas time is weird and blends together so i forgot.

HAH.. i just realized it IS actually tuesday.. i'm not late.. but see? time still blends together.

cousins on a tabletop.

louie stacking cylinders of food.. this was RIGHT before it fell.. did i mention he did this without ANY assistance? yeah. he's gonna be an engineer.

why is he so happy you ask?
...because he's driving a monster truck with his cousin.

i think guppy was a little sick from lucas' bumpy driving... let's hope this does not foretell their futures.. *shivers*

guppy just bein' guppy.

whenever they are quiet... you KNOW something bad is happening...

and lastly.. this beautiful little lady. who is she? oh.. just my mother-in-law. We dropped off enos' grandma at home and i saw it. isn't it so sweet?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

and now a word from our sponsor...

loading the missile launcher on the spaceship
whole heartedly riding his bike.

checking out his new ride...
... Grandma's house: the only place a boy can truly be himself.

it's official...

... we're the heinzens. it says so on our wreath.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Take it Off Tuesday...and a few other morsels of fun.

my new awesome birthday shoesies.
cousin pillow fort!!!
ovenmitt surprise.
dr. goofenstein loves to read.
my nerdy hair.
dr. goofenstein takes a ride...
... with his b-ball.
and then he drives himself a spaceship...
he takes it very seriously.

the end... for now.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

take it off, tuesday...

pictures off of my phone that is... here they are...

dinner is served.. lucas' new favorite spot to do EVERYTHING.

what's this?
draw away little man... i love that crayons are washable now.. like how freakin' cool is that? this WILL be a daily activity i'm sure probably more for me than him.
note: the monster getting kicked in the crotch by the table.

just woke up.. put my fingers through my hair... NO PRODUCT... it just stayed that way all morning. i love naturally crispy hair. don't you? (shaking my head)

well hello there sharky. that belly looks like a donut.. i think i'll eat it.

at least twice a day he likes to put this plastic construction hat on. We got it with his tool set for free... because we stole them on accident... guess that's what happens when you don't label things at the thrift store. he makes me wear one too. we rock it.

before he discovered the laundry basket he used to think in the box... a shipping box.

then i made it fancy with some blankets...
note: the pointed toes.

and lastly.. this week's phone videos.
do you ever watch a video and think.. wow.. i'm annoying? yeah.. i did that with BOTH of these.
turn the volume down or you'll punch the screen. i promise.

you might wanna turn this one down.. i scream like a banshee. sorry.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

future costume for lucas

umm... yeah.. i wanna make this costume for lucas for a future halloween... can you imagine?!?

Monday, November 15, 2010

What's on Lindsay's Phone, Tuesdays.

since i've never done this.. i'll have to start really far back on my phone... we'll start with the most recent and work our way back...

haircut... in case you don't have facebook.

the rug in the guest room at angie's parents house... oh the rug. what are you trying to tell me?

focused on his drawrings.

more drawring.
sunglasses mcgee.

mr. magilacutty trying on awma's sun hat.
he thought it was pretty funny.

a phalic tree at the post office... i was having a bad day and then saw this tree and burst out laughing.. it cheered me up.

louie at the beach this summer.

digging a hole with jade when she visited.

i found the motherskin picture in my closet and threw it on my bed.. it looked perfectly quiet sitting there... so i took a picture.

louis boxing.

when we went to utah and lucas got crap all over himself and we borrowed some clothes from our friends, the coons, who only have daughters.. HAH
stacking weight loss shakes. like a mad genius.

and the videos on my phone... since my phone's cool like that.
of my piano man... from the days of yore..

and last but not least... of the artist formally known as louie.

and THAT.. my friends, is what's on lindsay's phone, tuesdays.

Friday, November 5, 2010

sounds like an english food...

here you are.. didn't you order a louie in a basket?

can i just say.. he REQUESTED to be in there? because he did. yeah.

and let's throw in a naked baby picture just because his hair looks like a kewpie doll.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mildly Famous...

sooo.. check out page 30 of The Barrel Magazine....

Thanks to Cynthia for sending this to me!! :)