Monday, January 31, 2011

ahh the not so days of yore...

so remember a few days ago when i had light reddish/brown hair?

well i wasn't feeling the highlights so i thought i'd just put a little more red in there and boost the vibrance.... BIG MISTAKE. now i have purple hair. thanks dummy me. thanks.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Long Lost Shenanigens (aka i'm lazy)

Let me tell you tales of a christmas awesome place.....

...a place where boys are made into happy toots, sliding down slides...
...and even old ladies have fun too.
But what makes THIS boy happiest.. is automobiles and.. ahem... TRAINS.
...and yes.. his mouth was open with excitement the whole time he played on this train. it even made him boogie... (see video down below)
trains are pretty much his favorite thing alive. well not alive.. but you get it.
well.. THAT and his maw.
oh and fixing the unlit twinkle light here and there.
or getting to crawl into snoopy's house made of ICE.
so much in fact, he might faint. or throw a fit.. i cant remember now.
but he hates all doctors... good thing enos is just a dentist.
this picture reminds me a bit of my friend Janae and I. sitting... and pondering.
don't you like how charlie brown looks like our waiter in this picture? yeah.. his service was terrible.
oh what a lovely family...except for that fuzzy chicken head on the left. i guess her yellow hair doesn't take kindly to the humidity in this chilly room.
what's this you ask? oh.. just the first picture lucas ever took. ever.

look at my christmas soldiers... going off to war. i love these guys.little voodoo santas.. spreading christmas cheer.

now i wanna talk a little about THIS guy...his name is guppy.
cousin guppy is pretty chill...unless his mother isn't around. lucas seemed to like his company.

but he likes cameras can i tell?

oh...just a hunch.

he also likes pretending to drive this car... no matter the temperature outside.
oh and sucking on the corners of this nasty blanket. the corners are still brown even though it's been bleached and washed a million times so i guess the only think left making it brown

up until recently... he also really liked baths.

and having bubbles piled on his head like Marie Antoinette hair

lucas loves to ride bikes... he makes me ride a short tricycle with him.. it hurts my buns.. but i do it. so i took a video of his cute driving.

dancing on a the sound of grandma's voice.

did i mention he likes cars? yeah...okay just checking.

oh AND cars.

i just couldn't NOT post this. sorry.

all in all...i'd say he enjoyed his time quite well in Texas...:)

All Dressed Up: Faker Style

sooo.. i wasn't feeling like changing my clothes today.. or really participating physically in this.. so i decided to sit on my lazy butt and do a "what i would wear look" HAH.. like at my hot body workin' it. i love being so thin and hot... oh and having a strangely large head.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All Dressed Up

okay.. since i don't feel comfortable being all serious with this All Dressed Up thing.. i'm gonna start doing it as a silly thing. i can get more into it and dress however nutty i want. This week my sister thought of doing 90's glamour shots. BRILLIANT. i decided to participate.

earring: vintage pearl clip on
bracelet: black pearl necklace (gift)
shirt: enos' dress shirt. YES.
makeup: radical.

curious about what this is? go HERE.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All Dressed Up

okay so my life was threatened if i didn't do this... so i did it. wanna find out more about it? go HERE. She may be scary... but it's only because she's so fierce and she's pretty rad too.

dress: vintage from etsy
belt: calvin klein
fishnets: victoria secret
shoes: etsy (gift from a fab friend)
ring: gift from a sister ;) (pier one)

can you tell i love etsy? yeah.

i like this dress because it makes me feel like i tim burton character, or rather... at home.