Monday, November 30, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

Lucas got the tree skirt off of the tree and got stuck inside. much in the same way his two front teeth have been stuck inside his gums for like 2 months... until now. :) finally... jeez.

ps. yes... we have our tree on a table because it's such a wiener tree. AND we don't want lucas touching it... it's stuck to the table very securely don't worry.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Orbit Girl Necklace...

i know i know.. you're sick of me talking about me.. so am i... HAH.. j/k laura...but i DO have to just thank her on here for buying me this really cute necklace on etsy on HER birthday.. yeah.. weirdo..... it's name is Orbit Girl... thanks laura.. i love her.. like a sister.

the forgotten #6

okay.. NOW it's 13 items... HAH

13 things that are red or green.....

So i was tagged by my friend, Laura for this post to do 8 things red or green.. but being a LOVER of all things green... i decided to do 13... plus.. it sounds catchier. hah :) so here are the things in my house!! Happy Holidays!!!

  1. my kitchen curtains
  2. my favorite mug
  3. a dining room chair
  4. dining room centerpiece
  5. my death cab for cutie shirt.. you know it.
  6. HAH.. i'm a nerd.. .there IS no number six!!! so i guess it's just twelve. yes.. i am JUST NOW figuring this out.. guess i can't count.
  7. the red empty frame in my living room. i PLANNED it that way.. okay? jeez!
  8. my red hair clippy courtesy of Laura
  9. my homemade owl pinboard
  10. my Edward Gorey mousepad
  11. my bathroom shelf
  12. my tissue box
  13. lucas' new pack n' play!
i tag anyone who wants to do this while they are bored. :) please... do it! it's really fun actually.

Word Verification...

Okay... i've thought about this A LOT... and i can't reason WHY i feel this way... but.. i feel like every time i have to enter word verification for a blog that Blogger is mocking me.... judging me... some of the words they come up with... very inappropriate... like... Nipplate... or fugtiki... okay... i just made those up just now.. but i've gotten words of a similar variety... just sayin.

yes.. i made this one up too. but still.. you get my point.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Great Scot!!!!

So remember when i was featured on that little GypsyFeet blog? well the blog owner and i have become really good friends... she is a crazy little scottish girl who lives in Hayward and it's fun to take little trips down there to see her. Yesterday i went to spend the night at her house and go see the 12am showing of New Moon. We put on our homemade tshirts and galavanted out the door!!! PROUD! until we saw a long line of very ethnic people who were just night owls having decided to go out. we were embarrassed and buttoned up our coats... hey.. it WAS cold afterall.. hah. the movie was better than expected which really isn't saying much considering it WAS a twilight movie.. but it was fun just be out and cheer on jacob and his rippling pectorals instead of fleshy, creepy edward. ew bella.. seriously? ew. Thanks Laura for being a great scot. :)



ourselves... (see how laura is still slightly awkward? yeaaah.)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Everywhere you go....

so peanut and i went to take a quick gander at the Full House house in San Fran on my way home from taking enos to school today. No no... not the shot of the painted ladies... the actual HOUSE that was "theirs". This may seem like no big deal to most people but i watched every episode of that show and was very connected to it. I cried the day it ended and then sat and thought what i would do with my life now that it was off. I recovered.... But it is still a part of me...... The only part that sucks is that they sold the red door to the neighbors so i hear but the house is still gorgeous.... a fun little side 15 min. trip... and is it just me or does it look like there is someone in their bra standing behind that moon-shaped sculpture? odd.

Also.. my goal is to find everything famous in movies filmed in San Fran and take a picture of it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Twilight Shirts

here is the new moon shirt i made for premiere night!!! hahaha want one? it's only 15 bucks in my etsy store :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a date with Laura

My friend Laura took these pictures when i went to visit her in Hayward today

i don't know why lucas is all about his TONGUE right now... jeez.. it's so long too. weirdo.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

See... i'm posting.. so i'm NOT dead.

So we went to our ward halloween party yesterday and it was fun. probably the FIRST ward halloween party i've ever been to that actually WAS fun... well.. since i was a little kid at least. We got to decorate our doors for the kids to come around and "trick or treat" at. People really go all out here.. it's pretty fun to see zombies and werewolves driving cars around the city. HAH.....Okay.. now i need to do a little complaining... while i may look joyous in this picture... because i was... i was also suffering... silently....i was starting to get a cold, my body was aching from the jazzercise i did with Tara in Stockton on the previous day AND i was surfing the bloody ocean... oh... not to mention i had to hold my 10 ton baby most of the time. he was in such a bad mood (can't you tell from the picture?) poor guy, he's teething and has been for like... 2 months? jeez... is it SUPPOSED to take this long!??! i felt bad though when i saw this picture.. i didn't know his ear was uncomfortably sticking out of his hoody like that.. that's probably why he was making that ugly face. When i got home from the whole thing i thought i was gonna die. i just laid on the couch staring at the tv.... not moving. Thankfully i still had some meds from my post delivery... those helped a lot. Sheesh though... Jazzercise may sound fluffy.. but it's actually very intense.

this is another BAD picture of Puke-as. He's all snotty and upset in this costume but he managed to ALMOST smile.

i'll end on this breast-y shot. this is a 12 month onesie.. why the crap is it too small for him already!??!?!?! ugh. my baby is the biggest ever.... sweet... but GIANT.