Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fres... YES.

Welp, we've moved, enos has graduated and my louie toot is potty trained.  It's amazing how much can change in just a few months.  I'm glad we are done with the Dental School portion of our lives but i'll miss everything and everyone about it...even the crazy homeless people.  I will forever feel like San Francisco is my heart's home.  I understand Tony Bennett's song now. 

I got to go there this past tuesday for a music video shoot of one of my FAVORITE bands.  I'm sure very few of you have heard of them but their name is Pomplamoose. 

click on the picture for a sampling of my favorite song they redid.

i was able to give them a sketch i made for them OF them and they were quite pleased with it.  i was happy.  the end.  one of the best days of my life and i'll always remember it.  until i don't and then i'll be dead soon so it wont matter.  thanks to my wonderful MIL for watching my kiddos while i skee-daddled and had a day alllll to mySELF...(hugging the day)  in my favorite city... with my favorite band.  (that's a lot of favorites.)

oh.. and i also made a lot of wonderful new friends... who were equally as excited as i was.  so that made me feel less crazy... and that's always good.

thanks for a crazy awesome day.  you're all rad. I'm really grateful.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

baby friends

you know how when you are pregnant it seems like everyone else and their dog are pregnant too? well this happened for REAL in my ward at church. there were about 5 of us who all got pregnant around the same time. so we documented our babies together. here you are... a babyfest of Elliot's friends. :)

poor landon on the end was surrounded by women.

the end...literally.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I am here! I am here! I am HERE! (say it like Horton hears a who)

okay soooo... remember a long time ago when i had a baby? yeah... so that kinda made my life a little crazy for the last six months. well, that AND i got an Iphone so i've been checking my email and life on there a lot more which means i'm on my computer less which means i wasn't inclined to update my blog. BUT.... i am back. so there. i will be more on top of this again.

here has what has happened in the last six months...

enos applied for a GPR program (General Practice Residency) after school ends in June... yes THIS JUNE! we find out this weekend where he gets accepted.

lucas began speech therapy for his delayed speech development

elliot is happier and sweeter than i could have ever imagined.

k... i'm not gonna bore you with back story and such. i'll just keep on top of it for now on. k coolness. here are some pictures to show you whats been going on. :)

miss pooh bear got sweeter.

cousin brothers had a bath.

cousins had a lunch :)

PB got sassier.

and happier.

my bestie had a baby...
...and then brought her baby mom to come visit me. just me... all the way from scotland.

lucas got creative with markers.

who i'm sure learned it from THIS guy. (another brother cousin)

i DID NOT buy this ridiculous thing.

remember that bestie mom? yeah... she bought me a whole lot of stuff.

Enos' cousin Paul had a wedding and we all came.

my artwork made it onto some random items at LDS bookstores.

lucas became very protective and nurturing of his little lady.

and he had a fun fall. :)
watched movies with his cousins.

Elliot started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks.

my bestie and i saw a birthday movie which shall not be named... it was LAME.

and overall... we just had a grand ol' time.