Sunday, August 30, 2009

This Guy inspires me...

i hope i can make a short as cute as his....someday.

Better Off Undead ! from Bobby Pontillas on Vimeo.

For those of you who are slow and couldn't find the link.

Okay.. sooo my shop link is HERE <<<<<<< go and see it, nerds. or don't... what do i care? (k actually i care a lot because i need money so my baby doesn't have to wear ripped and stained clothes and sit next to the bums begging for money with his big puppy dog that guilting enough? k awesome. :) )


i added a couple of new things to the STORE.

Larry thinks you're great.

Don't Ruin This for me.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

not that anyone cares but...

i bought this shirt online with the money i have (which i dont have, actually)....

and i just got it in the mail today.... but i just got a stain on it. Thanks delicious burrito... and thanks online band store.

Friday, August 28, 2009

That JUST happened.'s the name of my cafe press store. if you think something is overpriced... don't blame me.. i'm only making $4-5 dollars on each item. The base price for some of those products is steep!! Hope you find something you like. I'm working on a fully illustrated calendar for 2010 so keep an eye out. i'll probably have it done at the end of October. Also.. if you have any other requests for products let me know... i'm happy to customize things for you!!! K... enjoy my friends.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Living Next Door to Death.

Soooo.. yeah.. i just found out a couple of weeks ago that the Golden Gate bridge is the number one place in the US to commit suicide. There have been several helicopters flying overhead in our area... about 2-3 a week. And guess why? they are either... checking out for terrorists, trying to stop suicides or....looking for BODIES. that's right people... BODIES. i had NO idea. anywho... so yeah.. you learn something new everyday. They said on average someone jumps every other week.... and there is only a 2% survival rate. anywho.. thought it was interesting for those of you, like myself who didn't know.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Video Extravaganza

just saying "hi"

first bites of solid food

His "heavy breathing" trick. watch how his legs levitate... that boys got ABS.

City Stranger: ANOTHER frenchman?

This week's city stranger was ALSO in a grocery store and was ALSO french (i think, or german... the accent was kind of a mix) anywho... I was walking through the narrow isles of the grocery store and was confused on which isle the items i needed were on... i paused and decided i needed to go back the way i came from so i turn around... but at that very moment "the frenchman" does the exact same thing coming from the opposite direction leaving us face to face trying to get passed each other. I looked at him and he had the same expression on his face as i did... just confused. Then we both started laughing and got passed each other. Then we were on our ways again... in different directions. Later on, i ran into him again... by the sour cream and he said, "where did you get that one?" as he points to my cart. I said, "which one?" looking down at my groceries... "the one on your chest" He was referring to Lucas in the Baby Bjorn. I smiled and said, "oh... he came from a special isle... it's only open some days. " he smiled and said, "the day he was born!" "exactly!", i said. we both laugh again and then he's off again. Not suspicious but fun nontheless. i don't really think i was out enough this week to meet someone suspicious.

(looked like this guy... but with salt and pepper hair)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

peanut, the model.

he's such a little poser.. i'd go to take a picture and he'd tilt his head... he takes better pictures at 6 months that i do right now. talent, i tell you. HAH... or he just loves his mom and smiles at her a lot. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Suspicious City Stranger

Okay... so i've decided to make this a new part of my blog. once a week i'll post about some weird city person i came in contact with. This week's Suspicious City Stranger (come on say it out loud... you know it's so fun to say) comes from the line at the grocery store. I ran to IGA to get a tub of butter. I carried Lucas in his car seat because i didn't want him to wake up because he needed the nap but i absolutely needed butter. So i'm waiting in line at the check out counter and there's this youngish European guy in front of me. He looks something like this guy...

... but a less attractive version wearing a scarf. Anyway, he keeps looking my direction but towards the floor. Now keep in mind that i've set Lucas on the floor in his car seat while i'm waiting. And then finally he takes out his phone and thinks he's discretely taking a picture. Then i say, (thinking he'll be intimidated and stop) "are you taking a picture of my baby?" But he just keeps on doing what he's doing and says in his French accent, "no, i'm taking a picture of your feet." "my feet?" "no, both of your feet together." And at his calm, undisturbed response i get completely shook up and start laughing nervously and say, "oh okay.. haha.. ha." Dare i ask him not to? What's he going to do with this picture? What could be so interesting about mine and lucas' feet? lucas has socks on. Maybe he wants to show his friends in france how stupid us americans are putting our babies on the floor. I don't wanna be rude and ask him what he's doing with it... but hey!! it's MY feet! what if he has some weird foot fetish...*shivers* eeks. And after having all of these thoughts go through my head, i finally get up enough courage to counter his response... but he's gone. He's already paid for his one candy bar and left. Damn. I should have thought faster. And THAT my friends is this weeks Suspicious City Stranger.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Forgotten picture...

just the ol' family latherin' up the boy so he doesn't become a BAKED bean. Enos' dad was so excited to take Lucas to his company picnic... apparently he was a hit. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

My baby Bean.

I found my Lukey Pooh face down in this mess... mind you, he never sleeps on his stomach because he hates it... yet somehow he maneuvered to his stomach....

this was his face after said mess.
"i've missed you"
"Look... i'm standing with assistance." What? that's what he said.

"hey i know you."
"don't you dare leave me again."


I felt like taking a break from freelance and doing some fun stuff.... here's what i figured out...
i think i fit into the 80's the best as a decade. I BARELY touched that picture and i fit right into it. in fact.. i HAD glasses like that. ugh.

...but the worst part was..... i also fit right into being a 80's lesbian too.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Semi-Blog Famous.

So... i'm being featured on a blog with 130 followers.. yay me!! it's a cute little blog. It's called gypsy feet. so yeah.. i'm feeling special today. Click on the picture to take you there.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Artist in San Francisco"

I decided to take pictures of a typical day of running errands....

first we have to drive through chinatown down the street...

..passed an old person using technology.. something i have never seen in my LIFE until now.

...passed about 2500 of these....

and then over the bay bridge. (we don't HAVE to go over it to go to Costco but this particular time we did. We had to go to a specific Costco to get enos a bike... we'll be going BACK over this bridge really soon to return it. HAH.. no for real.)

... and then finally to Costco... wait! i thought i drove OUT of Chinatown? i love it. we were like the only white people at this Costco.

Before this... enos decided to show me the view from the rooftop of his dental school. I guess if you are smart they give you roof access... we snuck up anyway.. HAH. We were really high and it was scary. We're both scared of heights. i was like 20 feet from the edge but it was SUPER windy and i was scared i'd blow off.... we stayed up here for a total of 5 minutes.

then... when we went to Target.. i saw Jessica.

WHAT!??! oh wait... that's just her doppleganger, Helen...
"hi helen" (yes i just gave her a name you idiots. i don't really know her.)

.. no but for real... it freaked me out.

lucas was like, "uhh hey nerd. that's not aunt jessie."
thanks for setting your momma right, peanut. but don't call me nerd...chubby.

then when we got home... God was there.... smiling.

that was a couple of our weekends in a nutshell.

I'll post pictures of our decorated place as soon as we are done.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Flippin' over a new....

... and guess what was under it? a whole new outlook on life. I know this may sound elementary my dear, Watson.... but i've decided to make every day of my life about service. see.. i have the HARDEST time liking people and the scriptures say if you want to find love for someone... serve them. so i 'm serving EVERYONE. starting with the missionaries... tonight i'm having them over for dinner. eeek. i hate signing up for dinners.. it seems so annoying to have strangers over to your house...but it fit right in with my new way of thinking so i did it. and tomorrow? we'll see. Also... i don't know why but i'm finding the most simple tasks to be RAGINGLY difficult. do you like that word? RAGINGLY... me too.. i made it up. anyway... i am SOOOO selfish so i want to change and the only way to do that is to be a server... not one of these...

but more like this guy...

so yeah... that's my goal. wish me luck (not literally.. i don't want a whole bunch of comments saying," good luck!" that'd be lame to check.) oh also.. i'm not gonna gossip anymore. i'm DONE.
I'm going to change the subject whenever someone talks about someone. so THERE. i feel really good about this...maybe it's because i live near one of these...

ahhh... so relaxing... that's all. just wanted to announce it and hopefully inspire others. it's already started working.... SEE HERE.

ps. i'll post pictures of where i live tonight after the missionaries leave.