Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shaking my baby...

(random reference picture above.)

So, Enos has a friend at his work (he works at a blood lab where they do experiments for artificial hearts... really cool but anyways)... and she is a belly dance instructor on the side. Well she's been telling enos how great it is for women to belly dance during their pregnancy and that it really helps keep their abs tight. It sounded cool and all but i was just a little nervous to be all pregnant and dancing sex-ily. Plus i'd be the only pregnacia..SO... today was my first day and it was actually really fun... it made me feel like a hippie, all free spirited and junk. ha. I think i'm gonna keep doing it for as long as my body will allow. There were only two other people in there, some really skinny chick and a 40 yr. old woman with abs of steel... both showed their cute little stomachs while dancing... i kept mine covered....But like i said... it was fun.... My only complaint was at the very end when we got "me time" and could do what we felt like doing for a period of a 3 minute song... I opted to stretch because i LOVE to stretch... everyone else, well.... I should probably mention that this studio also teaches pole dancing... so there were a lot of poles everywhere... before the song was over... all THREE other women... INCLUDING the instructor, enos' friend, were all spinning and dancing with the poles... i stood on the sidelines... awkwardly awaiting the end of the song and "stretching" as long as i could. WOW... AWKWARD. Overall though.. a good experience and i plan to do it again because my butt is a bit sore from all the hip shaking which is good cuz i don't want my butt to blow up like Jessica says it's genetically inclined to do during pregnancy.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

More long lost pictures.... and a belly.

So i never posted Enos and I's reaction to finding out we were pregnant. Doesn't enos look so disappointed in this picture? Don't worry... he was.

The infamous stick.

Us trying to be happy about it... but mostly just really nervous.

Well.. in July we went to visit my family and my parents had changed a lot since i saw them last. They looked more texan.

This is the last night... didn't III take too many pictures. I only have pictures of the last day... the cows were from our way OUT of texas. (doesn't jessica look so sad?... i'm glad she got her whiny but up to virginia to be with her man.)

My parents and miss Lauren.

And finally.... my progress.... i know i know.. not much but YOU GUYS are the ones asking to see! losers. :) My butt may be bigger but at least my hair looks better, right? :/

Saturday, August 16, 2008

This makes sense since she's my favorite.

You Are Ariel!
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Headstrong and fiesty. You have a mind of your own that's full of romantic dreams about the world around you. Exploring exotic places is your ultimate dream, and although you can be a little naive you'll realize that there is something to be gained from your family's wisdom.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Photo frenzie

So i've had these pictures in my camera for FOREVER and a half. So i thought i'd finally post them.

our leisurely drive... who's that ghost? oh wait.

"don't do it lindsay... it's rude"

"i have to enos... i mean come on... look at them! so round, so beautiful..."

" squishy... i HAVE to take a picture of them!!"

Saying goodbye to old friends.. well not henry.. he's fairly new.

men butt.

"i'm gonna ride my bike to work!!" (sure you are enos, sure you are.)

Henry looking nervous.

a bad picture of a usually handsome couple. I guess that's what happens when you take a picture from underneath the chin with your sick feeling wife.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I need to look at a new post.

Sometimes i go to my own blog and expect to see something different. Like it will magically get updated without me there. Anyway.. i've waited long enough and it's not happening so i guess i'll post something so i don't have to keep looking at that awful picture of me ripping the baby in two. I hope i haven't lost blogger stalkers because of that picture. Anyway... I want everyone to vote about what they think my baby will be: alien, girl or boy. Vote on my poll in the top left corner. I went to the doctor today and she said i can find out what my baby is next time (in a month) if we are really eager... which i am.... so we're going to. AND we got a free coupon for it too so we don't have to pay any extra money for our impatience. yay!! So on September 10th we'll find out and then i'll post about what peanut is. Oh... that and the doctor said our baby has a really strong heartbeat... and i'm thinking, "yeah... of course it does, it's got heinzen AND george in there!! come on!" I felt like i was going to give birth to a super hero. wow... wouldn't that be cool. K, back to work. :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Lindsay Heinzen: Major Offender....

This is a hard thing to blog about but it's been on my mind the whole weekend and since i love you all and want you to feel like you know me... i'm exposing myself for who i really am. I have some irreverent friends at work (whom i love) and who i feel completely comfortable around. We're always joking about things that perhaps shouldn't be joked about like dismembering babies, the occasional penis joke (because people say things that sound like other things and so we laugh at them for the way they make them sound.... ex. from a family member "i want a nice hot juicy tube steak." (they thought that meant a hotdog.)..... So anyway, apparently, my friends and i have been offending people on a daily basis with our conversations and have made people want to leave our team or move as far from us as they can. My immediate boss pulled me over and told me all of this and i couldn't help but feel terrible. I cried and cried in her office telling her over and over how sorry i was and how i guess things just got out of hand. At the same time though, i find it annoying that people should be offended by things that were not meant to offend. Anyway... the straw that broke the camel's back was a drawing a did for a friend's birthday card. This friend is from China and he's always been really reserved until i came along and we've really bonded and he's opened up. We joke back and forth about each other's babies being stupid and the biggest joke we had was how i was going to rip his baby's head off and hold it over my head triumphantly. I know i know.. it makes no sense but we both thought it was funny. So for his birthday card, i submitted a picture i'd drawn of me with the baby (see picture above) in said position. He actually thought it would be really funny... but apparently my boss did not. She told me, in front of all of my coworkers, that it was inappropriate and that i shouldn't have done it. And that Phil's (my chinese friend) baby had been in the hospital for a week a while earlier. "But we just joked about this yesterday? We were laughing." She still wasn't amused and walked away make me feel completely stupid and helpless in front of my coworkers. WOW. I was so upset. I later talked to her and found out that she heard a GROUP of us had put the card together and she wanted EVERYONE to know that it was inappropriate.... (except that the only person involved who was there was me, the others were out of town.). It was the most awkward situation i've ever been in. I cried and cried. Everything worked out in the end and my boss was actually amazingly understanding. She just wanted to let me know though that there were a lot of people offended by my and my friend's comments because a lot of people on our team had been trying to get pregnant but could not and me making light of babies was offending them. I'm sorry. But i also feel like a baby joke is pretty funny now and then. I'm sorry if you disagree... i've just always been de-sensitized to things like this because of the way i was raised. I just didn't get it. (see poster below that my mom got me after i saw hers and wanted one)... yes... we may be weird but we are still human. I guess that's it. I know a lot of this was jumbled but that's how i feel.

a few selected close ups of scenes from the poster my mom got me.