Thursday, February 2, 2012

baby friends

you know how when you are pregnant it seems like everyone else and their dog are pregnant too? well this happened for REAL in my ward at church. there were about 5 of us who all got pregnant around the same time. so we documented our babies together. here you are... a babyfest of Elliot's friends. :)

poor landon on the end was surrounded by women.

the end...literally.


Laurel said...

So much baby sweetness! I love how Elliot looks like both of you.

Angela said...

AWWWW I wish Darci was apart of that montage. I feel like she doesn't have any buddies near by her age that I can do that with. Elliot is adoreable, though. She has THE BIGGEST gooiest eyes. I want to kiss her cheeks.

Vagabond Mother said...

elliot wins.

llcall said...

LOVE this post. Capital L-O-V-E!