Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Before I get REALLY lazy...

...i better post some pictures.

this is kind of my appreciation for having just ONE kid post. I wanted to show why i love lucas and why i'm so glad i had him first... so here goes.

he loves to put on our clothes and walk around like they are his.

...or perhaps just be casual in our CLEAN underwear. that's right.. he's wearing my boycut briefs around his neck like a scarf. he's just too classy for you.

he also really loves to be clean and to clean things. he found this cleaner toothbrush and decided his squishy blocks needed a good scrub down.

i love his car naps.
or his nap naps.

he really truly makes me happy... i really REALLY love my little family.

but then... sometimes he BITES. and i have to put him in timeout. turd.

but it's okay because he returns to his sweet self before too long.
... doing his business and whatnot in childcare. he's such a professional.

but knows how to be silly too, making fishy faces.

or getting embarrassed by his ridiculous mother.
...or perhaps just chillin' in the tub with a cousin.

(or being immodest)

and i LOVE when he cuddles with my OTHER favorite guy.

... he loves cars... and i love to break rules, so this was the perfect Toys R Us activity for us.

i guess overall.. i have just really enjoyed being a little family with my two favorite guys. but seriously? it's time to get someone on MY team!


llcall said...

Love it. Love him. Love you. Love that you're having a baby girl! And also, he really does look like a professional at his little table -- I could use some organizational tips around here!

Drew said...

Is that a Snuggie I see?!? Oh, the proxy shame!!!

I am so excited for your little family to expand and for you to get a little gal pal.

Alys said...

Harrison bites, too. I am glad he is not the only one.

Angela said...

seriously i love this boop. it's so crazy you're going to have another one to blog about...well we're going to have another one to blog about...crazy...